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  • BlondBeach15 - Great Fertility Booster and Health Supplement

    I work at a world renowned fertility clinic and am always asked to test products that claim to boost fertility. Premama actually does the job! I personally used this last year as I was TTC and got pregnant within first try. I honestly believe that this powdered drink helped me produce better quality eggs and helped my DH and I conceive. I continued to use Premama products throughout pregnancy and felt energized by them and that they gave me a healthy boost, especially throughout cold/flu season. Now that I am breastfeeding, I still use their products and love that they are all natural and contain no bad ingredients. I HIGHLY recommend Premama products for all stages of fertility- TTC, pregnancy and postpartum. Wishing you Baby dust and premama powder to all!!!

  • The skipper - All joking aside, a fairly useful book

    There are a lot humorous reviews of this book, all written (I assume) by people who aren't boaters. I sail off the coast of British Columbia, near the one of the busiest ports on the west coast of North America. There is a fair amount of shipping. The problem that most people writing their oh-so-funny reviews don't realize is that these ships generally travel up to four times faster than most pleasure craft. Imagine trying to dodge something moving as fast as a car and the size of a couple of city blocks, while you are on foot.

  • Stiltman - It almost is what antivirus is supposed to protect me from.

    It keeps popping up annoying messages and telling me that I have to update this or do that. I'm planning to delete it as soon as I have the time to do so and instal AVG.

  • Life is Music - It's worth a shot, you be the judge.

    I'm not sure what to think about this one, but here it goes. If you follow the instructions, with a very strict diet, and a hardcore workout (2 days high intensity cardio, 2 days weight lifting), then I kid you not, I transformed my body. Six pack and all for the first time in my life. However, was it my training, and diet? Was it the pills? Was it a combination? I'm not sure, so I'm stopping after my second bottle and maintain my gains. Another thing it did for me, dead sleep, and I mean dead asleep to the point my girl would have to shove me to wake me. After a good 8 to 10 hours of sleep, I would still wake up hazy. Oh, and did I mention the craziest dreams ever? One more thing it did, boners... raging, hardcore, morning wood.