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  • Sherry Hicks - total waste of my money

    No it did not meet my expectations. I still had to go to H and R block to get taxes done and they screwed it up too... total waste of my money.

  • Cook & Collector - Best metal polish anywhere.

    Easily the best metal cleaner on the market. After fifty years of trying many products, including many free samples offered by manufacturers this is the one metal polish that I buy myself. It is used by the US Navy aboard ships, which is where I learned of this product. A great value right hereon this website listing. Much more expensive elsewhere, even if you can find it. Interestingly, Never Dull also removes the sticky glue used on those pesky labels and price tags.

  • Jennifer Roberts - These seem pretty good and they aren't hard for me to swallow

    I am currently trying to conceive a baby with my husband and folic acid not only has been proven to improve fertility, and helps with pregnancy development, why I am taking prenatal vitamins, is because I was told by my doctor to start taking them now, so that when I get pregnant it will reduce the chance of problems. These seem pretty good and they aren't hard for me to swallow, which is nice, though I do need to take them with water. This combined with other things, and hopefully I will conceive soon, and have a healthy pregnancy. These I will keep for the end of pregnancy because of the lactation support is not something I need now.. but yeah..

  • Cory B. - Love this little monitior!

    Great gaming monitor. I use this for my PS4. Previously it was connected to my 50" television. My friend recommended trying a smaller monitor to improve gameplay. He was 100% correct. Note there are no speakers, so you will have to use external speakers or a headset for whatever devise you intend to use this for.

  • 06si_guy - camo zippo

    Million stars if I could vary nice. Warm not hot perfect when it says 12 hours it is more like 17-20. I throw it in my inside coat pocket and keeps the chill off my core. All my friends bought one also and no complaints from any of them.