Certified Government Travel Professional - CGTP is an innovative certification course designed to teach both industry insiders and newcomers the foundations of the Government Travel Industry.The course is designed to give both government employees and industry professionals a knowledge base which can make their interactions more seamless.For the government employee, this course is essential for understanding how the travel industry approaches government.For the industry professional, this course helps you align your interests with the policies of the federal government in regards to travel.

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  • madpharmd - Dark Bad Boy romance alright

    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Dark Bad Boy romance alright! He's 35, she just turned 18! But it works (although maybe a little closer in age would have been a little more believable?) . Max is being forced into a marriage to someone he doesn't know or love in order to help his family. He goes to a bar with a friend for his last night of "freedom" when he meets Lola Grace for the first time. He realizes she is probably not even old enough to drink, but he can't help the attraction he feels towards her. And I can see why Lola grace falls for max - whew! and the sex scenes - double whew!

  • Sim Lover - Helps me zone out

    I was looking for something new for my computer, when I stumbled upon this game on Amazon and decided, what the heck, lets give it a shot!

  • Amazon Customer - Descent for $100

    Works great, considering the battery does take hours to charge. The battery lasts about 100 feet of 1 foot tall weeds/grass. So I would image your average height grass it would last 300 lineal feet easy. I suggest the extra battery.

  • R. Clearman - We selected Peachtree Premium!

    We (a non-profit museum)purchased Peachtree Premium because it allows us to capture expenses by department with budgets and variances. This was very important for us and Peachtree does what we want!

  • Ashley B. - This Helps me to stay regular without any pain in my abdomen or feeling like I need to run to the bathroom

    Never had an issue being regular until the last few years. This Helps me to stay regular without any pain in my abdomen or feeling like I need to run to the bathroom. My other cleanses have made me feel unfortable and sick to my stomach. This product I can take throughout the week and not feel as if I have to run out from my patients to find a bathroom. Will buy again soon!

  • Ms S. - love just dance

    so i love just dance. i've been collecting them all like poke balls lol. i love the song choices and the choreography for this one. and they've definitely made the graphics a lot better. my favorite feature though is the online mode. so much fun, you just hop on get on a team and play with people all around the world, which is something you can't do with any of the other just dance games. so worth the money, and its a great work out. my 47 year old mom even loves it

  • twinkiltoes - Not your mama's Dippity Doo!

    Ok I'm white with fine hair slightly wavy. It is damaged from getting it foiled and is frizzy. I thought this was just a styling gel and I like making curls with my flat iron. I also bought Knot today. So I used the knot today then I used this, then I blow dried my hair and my hair was soft and not frizzy, it looks great!