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  • Laurel - Product does what it says it will do

    I have been using this since April 2012 for hair loss due to side effect from medication. This shampoo works!

  • fitnessgal79 - Great, reliable treadmill for walking and light running

    I purchased this treadmill in March 2013 and received it 3 days later WITHOUT disappointment. Prompt delivery and service! I'm not sure why the negative reviews. I have been looking for a treadmill for 6 months. It was a very long process because I was looking for a motor with a CHP of 3 or greater because of running. Most of the reviews on the running forums said to buy a treadmill with at least a 3.0CHP (Horsepower) motor. Sole had a good reputation and my neighbor purchased the F80 with a 3.5 CHP. I went back and forth, but couldn't justify spending $500 more just for 0.5 CHP more. Here is my advice. If you run more than 50 miles a week on a treadmill, go with the F80. I love my treadmill and am so happy with the purchase. I run at least 3 miles at a time at a pace of 10mph with sprints. I use the treadmill about 6 days a week and it's been great. I was so relieved to come back to this treadmill after running on my parents' Nordic Track (2.25 CHP) during a vacation.

  • Daniel J Dickman MD - Works well

    I was able to use this to transfer my failing hard drive wo a new solid-state drive. Problem is that it is always running in the background and I can't reboot my computer if needed in less that about 2 minutes as it shuts down. I have been looking through the settings, but can't figure out how to disable this feature. Still it made the transfer much easier than expected.

  • Ryan - Utter Garbage.

    I Don't know how this movie got anyone to like it. It was boring, the movie from 1984 had better CGI, better actors, an actual storyline.

  • brittiany sands - I really did like it a lot

    I used zantrex 3 way back when it had ephedrine in it and decided to try this one. I really did like it a lot. Definitely made me hot and kinda flushed in the face but that's what is going to make you sweat more while working out.