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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Kraig - Came as described. Can't wait to dive into it!!

    I tested out the math section and couldn't find a place where to check for answers. I am new to this so give me some time and I will be able to figure it out. To this extent I have no complaints.

  • cptpinecone - Awesome

    I have the '09 black/ yellow model, and it looks great. Had to splice all the wires though, and be careful when splicing turn signals and brake cables, they ALL have to be ran out behind the tail light where the bulb used to sit. Just an FYI, I screwed that up. haha

  • Lessthanstout - Best nootropic on the market.

    The best nootropic on the market. I get no side effects, only clean fuel for my noggin. This product will not make you smart. You are not going to take it and pass your bar exam. But maybe if you take it while you study, you will have the focus to create enough confidence, not to cloud your mind with anxiety while you take the Bar. I find that when I take it I just feel perkier, my brain is like a dammed river, and when I have a question asked to me or a problem arise I am able to squash it with ease and eloquence.

  • Myshaela - Great Product, but expensive on Amazon!

    This product worked amazingly for me! After one use my hair felt silky and had so much shine. I leave it in over night under a hair cap once every week, and I have noticed that I don't have as many split ends and I also don't shed as much! Overall, I love this product, but I wouldn't recommend buying it off of amazon because it's about half the price if you buy it from Wal-Mart.

  • Lisa West Evans - This may be the one!!

    This formula appears to give me some clarity. I will update this in the future however, as I take several vitamins and need to make sure that the feeling I am getting is from this supplement. I get brain fogginess from fibromyalgia, and was looking for something to help. I will come back in several weeks to update this review as well. (I received this product at a discount for an honest review)

  • Amazon Customer - NO SUPPORT.

    Worked great on Win 10 until my computer assigned the backup drive to the G instead of the F drive. Now all I get is the message 'drive not ready' bcause Acronis will not switch to the G. The problem is that Acronis does not let you contact them directly for free if your purchase is more than 30 days old, and whose isn't. What company does not provide a contact or live chat option these days?? So down to 1 star for NO SUPPORT. Yes, you can check their user forums and may find a solution if you happen to get lucky. TOTALLY GETTING A NEW BACKUP PROGRAM.