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  • B. Kellenberger - Rapey with a side of Stockholm Syndrome

    After hearing how good this book was, I decided to give it a chance. I couldn't even finish this book. The writing/language was very basic and the plot is regurgitated. In addition, the main female character is kidnapped, in the sorority girls on spring break and sold into white-slavery kind of way. The teen is threatened to be raped and made into a sex slave, multiple times. Also, Sofia, the main female lead, is the classic Stockholm Syndrome victim.

  • gas51babsma2x - Excellent NCLEX Reference

    Excellent tips for test taking including explanations of test taking logic for correct answers. Organized and reads well. Supports critical thinking skills for nursing. Would recommend for any nursing student who takes NCLEX.

  • Northwestlife - Renewed

    I have been trying naturally to heal my immune system for 2.5 years now (it will be 3 years Feb 28, 2016). I had contracted 3 of the worst flues possible all at once. I have been searching for something to combat the devastation of not only the flues, but the high powdered antibiotics I had to take. About 15 months ago, after I had just finished what I thought was the end of the medication(steroids),I got a severe eye infection. This infection was a direct result from my immune system being stripped from the steroids and the lingering effects of the flu.

  • Amyzflying - This stuff is awesome! It really lifts my mood and gives me ...

    This stuff is awesome! It really lifts my mood and gives me fairly steady energy. I will say it takes a few days to adjust. I took it on an empty stomach and felt a bit woozy the first day. After the second day I felt fine actually I felt great. I also only take it in the morning and I take it with food. I noticed some people took this in the evening before they worked out and they gave it a negative review because they were up all night. It does contain caffine and you should not take large amounts of caffine at night and expect to fall right asleep. I took it at 1pm and it was still too late in the day for me. I pretty much have to take it by 10am if I expect to sleep soundly. I've also been taking unisom or melatonin and that helps. However don't expect a miracle it does take your effort to lose weight or get in shape. Taking this and not changing your habits won't make you magically lose weight. There is no magic pill but this is a very good tool to help with a fitness routine or to give you more energy and a better mood.

  • Sheldon - Fortunately, my computer has lots of memory and a ...

    Constantly runs in the background no matter what settings I use. Fortunately, my computer has lots of memory and a powerful processor, so it's not much of an issue for me, but it might be for someone using a less powerful or older computer.

  • Pamela Lund - Best Blender I've Had

    This blender is amazing. I use it to make smoothies with frozen fruit and it requires much less water than my old Osterizer needed. Having blades at different heights is such a great idea and I can't believe more blenders have that. The blender doesn't work well as a food processor because of the blade heights but it's not designed to. If you are looking for a blender that will chop up ice and frozen fruit in seconds without being very loud, this is the one for you.