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  • Rodney - It works.

    Bought this product from GNC and told myself if it works to pass my drug test that I will write a review. I'm happy to say that it worked well for me and I passed. The taste is nasty but what do you expect. Drink it, then drink a gallon of water, piss 3-5 times, and pass your test.

  • fahriye eren - Smells really good. You have to be carefull not to use ...

    I am not sure if this product helps hair to grow faster because mine is still short but it made hair shinier, stronger. Smells really good. You have to be carefull not to use it if you're going out, because it is very oily, you may need to shampoo your hair twice to remove it completally.

  • Maria Hernandez - Great little charger!

    This is a great charger. Great build quality and both of the ports are sturdy. The higher power output charges my iPhone 6 plus faster than the apple brand iPhone charger. I recommenced this product to anybody that is looking for a new charger.

  • L. Elaine - this tea is a good substitute.

    Yummy tea. Calming with just the right amount of umpf. I can't drink green tea as I get too wired, this tea is a good substitute.

  • A. White - Havent felt this good in a while

    I was having problems with my stomach and the doctor told me to try taking this for awhile to see if it cleared up my symptoms. It has worked great. I usually couldnt eat ice cream but after taking this for a few weeks I gave it a try and had no problems. I will definitely continue to make this a part of my daily routine.

  • Lesley - Tempted is another winner by these 2 ladies!

    So just finished another fabulous story by Willow Winters and Lauren Landish. While it was an ARC please don't believe this review has anything to do with it. These 2 authors have a spark alone and together that provide a fantastic storyline and everything that goes with a contemporary romance without the nonsense. Sometimes boy gets girl boy loses girl, boy and girl torture each other and then by some miracle end up together is fine but sometimes it is nice to actually see 2 people that have grown up feelings, some angst some suspense but honestly care to work through problems. This story has it. Adored Liam. An Alpha male with a sensitive and intelligent side you will fall in love with. Elizabeth is a little bratty but Liam's love brings her around. They make a great pair! I can see a future for Zac and Nat and cannot wait!

  • Amazon Customer - Looks great the sound is great but the battery charge only ...

    Very unsatisfied.. Looks great the sound is great but the battery charge only lasts about 2 hours... Pretty much ruins any event you are at...