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  • Kevin S. - This Shampoo makes my sad head of hair look good day-in and day-out

    I've tried about every shampoo product I can think of. From the mega-pricey ones they push on you at the salon to the bottom shelf at the grocery store. My head has been spared nothing, but for some reason never had this stuff. It's the jam. Just a little bit and whammo! My fine head of 'always a bad hair day' strands look freakin' good. Nice even. Shiny and alive. It's like magic and smells good.

  • Mama Mia - Can't believe how well this works...

    I have had a history of non-stop urinary tract infections, bacterial infections, and yeast infections. I've been taking one pill every day for about 4 months and I haven't had a trace of any of these problems. Now my gyno is recommending it to his patients!!

  • Noelle - It's Okay

    All right book, but I didn't feel it was particularly helpful with the NCLEX. Still, having a variety of practice tests was nice.

  • L. R. Aramburu - This works great on my Nvidia shield tablet with the official case

    This works great on my Nvidia shield tablet with the official case, it still closes fine and makes my tablet feel complete. I never liked plastic screen protectors, with this one it feels just like the original screen I can't tell it's there, works great with the stylus way better than my poetic cases plastic screen protector. With this I feel my tablet is protected and honestly nvidia should include it with their official case, it completes it!

  • careful consumer - Nice Shots, Inconsistent acting~ Looking forward to the longevity and growth of this series

    Shot in a documentary style, a bit raw. Some of the acting is believable some of it seems forced. In general, the filming has an authentic spirit, but the acting is too inconsistant. The material is current and many great shots of neighborhoods. Has a Real-Feel. There are times when the filming could use an injection of professional guidance and a bit more editing. I am looking forward to the next few series, as I believe this has great potential and a real feel for pushing forward reality and positive change.

  • Jayne In VT - Love the product, hate the packaging

    The bottle did not come with an eyedropper for application. The first time I used it I tried to pour a little into my hand but ended up with too much. I ended up transferring this to another bottle that had an eyedropper.

  • Faith - Great , but why do I need a whole toolbar taking up space at the top of my computer?

    I don't really don't think too much about my computer security-except the obvious things. Because Webroot does the work for me. If I click onto a "questionable" website, it won't allow it, unless I override it.