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  • J. Melgar - It's okay for the price but not solid

    it's okay enough to give you most of the channels but not all channels appear clear. also some channels do not appear. I have had to move the antenna in order for it to work on my HD television. I notice that when an airplane is in the area I loose reception and have to move the antenna. also a little bit difficult to connect to television.

  • Kathryn Otto Krist - Safe, sturdy and easy to install

    This car seat adapter works perfectly with my infant car seat, enabling me to easily pop the car seat in and out at will. It seems to be a sturdy, safe addition to my Bob Revolution stroller. Installation was a breeze. With a quick glance at the instructional materials, I was able to hook in the adapter within a matter of minutes.

  • lauri - Very effective product

    It really does challenge your core muscles. I also feel it helps my legs. I use it when watching the news. Great product! I've been able to build up my time using it from one minute to 8 minutes within a week. Simple is good!!

  • J. Tavarez - Worked for us!

    After trying the stuff from the stores and other natural products on the market, this one worked better! This is the first year we have dealt with those annoying bugs and multiple times. This will be the product I'll come back for next time! You can use it everyday. You can leave it on for a long time (minimum 30 minutes but I leave it on one hour). Once you comb, you'll find 100% dead critters! This is also the most affordable. My kids do complain about the smell. It's VERY minty. I like it but no one else in the family does.

  • Father James Cornelle - Excellent Dictionary

    This book has been very useful for me and I look forward to keep it by my side in my new language adventure.

  • Yankee - Junk

    Spent $500 on this piece of crap. First comb lasted 6 months then died. Customer service insisted they try sending me a new charging cradle and power cord. That ate up two weeks of lost treatments. They finally had me send the comb back and I got a new one shortly thereafter. Total of about 3 weeks of lost treatment. The second (replacement) comb has now died within a month. Customer service, while polite, seems to now be implying that this is somehow my fault. Here we go again. I have handled this comb VERY carefully and they just keep breaking. Junk.

  • LISA - Harris Bed Bug Killer

    This product does work keep using it daily for 3 months along with daily vacuuming laundry it can be difficult to do every day be persistent get your support team on board delegate jobs for everyone to help pitch in. At first we were lax thinking just the bug killer sprays will work, they do not alone just like people we need a team effort to get the job done right....Keep at it, these bugs can be concord. Don't bother getting new furniture new sheets new clothes, it only takes one bug then your at it all over again starting from scratch. Discovered ours around Jan 2014 bought all kids of products, paid an exterminator- waste of monies, threw out beds, clothes, carpets, furniture, it only takes one bug....After over a month of just about trying everything, even home remedies, came across this product it only is offered online not in the stores. Been using it since March...Everyone is getting a much deserved peaceful sleep. We our not sure tho we suspect the bugs came from a hotel we stayed at in December.