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  • Lyn Cody - eye opening

    This movie makes you see the reasons why he has done what he's done in his presidency. Whether you like him or not this movie is eye opening as to the man and what makes him tick. I highly recommend seeing it.

  • Tina - Disappointed

    I was very disappointed when I opened my package and it was not what I ordered. I was supposed to receive one spray and one brush on, but instead I received two bottles of the spray. So I'm sorry but I can't tell you if this product works or not. Maybe when/if I order the brush on I will be able to tell you something.

  • James Q. Smith - Only if you must

    If you are a current Quicken user faced with a forced upgrade, version 2010 is better than at least, 2007. upgrade only when necessary. My upgrades this decade were in 2004 and 2007.

  • Martin Tiller - Very heart warming. (But missed placed capital letters)

    This is a very sweet and heart warming book. But as a teacher I noticed there are a lot of instances where a line ended with a comma, but the next word was capitalized. That makes it difficult if I am having a child read this, and I have to point out that even though a word may begin on a new line does not make it the start of a sentence. As I tell my students, you don't use a capital simply because you're on a new line. This should be an easy fix for the author.

  • Brian D Jackson - Peerless

    While many have tried, no-one has captured the essence of Dickens so fully as in this early 50's version that to many defines once-and-for-all the characters of A Christmas Carol, and Sim's Scrooge is the centerpiece -- a man utterly without a heart, whose transformation by the spirits of Christmas is so believeable, so transparent as to be the standard by which all subsequent Scrooges must be judged. True to Dickens while flexible for the sake of film-making with a mythically pastoral England and a very good supporting cast, including The Best Marley's Ghost (my opinion) and a wonderfully entertaining Mrs. Dilber, the housekeeper, this one is the very best film version available and with the improved sound and brighter images in this anniversary edition, this is the one to have -- unless you insist on the over-the-top visuals of the "colorized" edition.