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  • shaugherry - Don't like the color

    This color is definitely not cute. I thought it would be a unique glitter but it's very common. Did not like it at all.

  • Michael R. - Good review book

    Great review book with practice tests at the end. I read through each section and then timed myself while taking the test. The questions in this book were a little harder than the test itself, but accurate in the content - definitely worth it! I would also recommend getting cliff note books for A&P and Biology because this book wasn't as detailed in those sections.

  • Flyswatter - Barely Works Or Hardly Works

    We have a brown/red rust problem from our well water. It lines our toilets and bath drain. This stuff just took off some of the rust but left most.

  • Amazon Customer - I noticed that my scars were fading and my skin felt like actual skin

    in order for this product to work, you need to first cleanse your skin with warm water and some deep pore cleanser of your choice. Then this product will go into your pores and it will work. If you just put it on right after taking off your makeup without taking all the bacteria and dirt out first, then it will only pile up and cause you to break out more.

  • AlexaRandall - Great for clearing pores, trying it on KP

    I'm very pleased with this product so far! It didn't sting, absorbed well and within a week or so helped clear some clogged pores I was getting in trouble areas around my nose and chin (even though I'm over 30!). I like that it has green tea as an anti-oxidant and to reduce inflammation, but a more specific reason that I decided to try it was that it DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICONES (eg. dimethicone) which tend to aggravate my skin and unfortunately are present in most products! I also have a bit of sun discoloration, which this cream may have helped fade a little (due to the retinol & niacinamide I guess) - however this improvement was not as dramatic/fast as the clearing of the pores. However, I've only been using it for 3 weeks and will continue so this may be a longer term benefit. I was a little impatient and the beginning and applied it a few times a day which caused a little light peeling (but no redness). I now use it all over face in evening and on trouble spots (T-zone) in the morning, followed by a sunscreen. I've also tried (and liked) the clay Mask by the same company, which I use at night as a target spot treatment to dry out the occasional pimple and take away the redness.

  • C. Garneau - Worst version ever!

    I've used Hallmark software for years and haven't had any problems until now. I purchased the 2012 Deluxe version with bonus software. I have a Windows XP desktop and a Windows Vista desktop. On the Windows XP desktop, the software installed okay, but when I tried to create an email version of the card with either sound or music or combination of both, neither of them worked upon playback. I repeated this a few times and even uninstalled and reinstalled, but I encountered the same issue. I sent an email to customer support but they wrote back trying to tell me how to make an email card, which wasn't the issue. I made the card correctly, I've been doing it for years.

  • Unanimouse - A must during the winter months.

    I bought three of these to hook up to my tractor, ATV, and zero turn mower during the winter months. A lot cheaper than having to replace batteries. Well worth the money. And, worth it to get the better model with more features.