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  • Laura Davies - Average girl- not so average result

    Obviously we have all tried everything. This was another shot in the dark, about 50 bucks, eh I've spent more. I eat healthy and work out daily anyways, but still don't have that supermodel look. Kidding. I'm average in every sense of the word but could stand to lose a little and my main issue is eating. Too much food is too much regardless, healthy or not. I don't know what is in this, I don't know if it works for everyone, but this average girl who absolutely despises people who "forget to eat", actually could have been one of those people. Taking these, I am genuinely not hungry. I'm not going to eat 500 calories a day or go on whatever VLCD this is supposed to accompany, but I ate because I wanted to, not because I was hungry (as per). I kept it reasonable calorie intake and kept up normal activity but I absolutely did not feel an urge to eat. I could take it or leave it. If everyone has these results, this is the miracle for hungry girls everywhere.

  • Ellen T. Brown - Great Story

    This is the first book I have read by Scott Pratt and loved it. Very fast-paced and well-written. Held my interest from beginning to end. I didn't want to put it down once I started it. I will certainly look for his other works.

  • toddg - Phantom of the Jesus

    Too much opera, not enough rock. When I bought this recording, I expected to hear Jesus Christ Superstar, not Phantom of the Opera! Gone are Ian Gillan's dynamics, from sweet, soft, tender, vocals to intense, high-pitched, screaming vibratos. Replaced instead with someone who would be better served playing the role of "Cherubino" in the Marriage of Figaro. Murray Head, while perhaps not the worlds best vocalist, brought passion and a lot of emotion to the part of Judas. Zubin Varla brings a bunch of right notes, but little else. I've had this recording for over a year now and despite several attempts, (the most recent one bieng last night) I've only made it to the end once. I simply find this version unlistenable. If you've never heard the original or simply didn't like it, you may find this one to your liking. As for me... I grew up with the original version and sadly, have found all other renditions I have heard to be musical blasphemy!

  • Kris - Great cream to fade the scars!

    Another great product from Foxbrim. This cream has ingredients that work to heal and repair skin.The Key Natural & Organic Ingredients In Foxbrim's Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream Include: