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  • Jessica Lang - The makeup is not great. I looked in the mirror after I cried ...

    The makeup is not great. I looked in the mirror after I cried and it was literally streaming down my face. I never use my Dinair system bc it is such a pain to take out, use and clean every time. I would like to try mac makeup in my machine and see how that works. Their makeup is pretty terrible.

  • Amazon Customer - My product was defective

    So I bought this diffuser for my own personal use. My family and I decided to start using essential oils in our home and thought this would be a great diffuser. It has an excellent rating so I felt I couldn't go wrong. Well it came when they said it would come. I read all the instructions and went to turn it on and the button is jammed. I called the company and they have never responded to me. Now I'm stuck with this product that I can only get to light. I'm sorry for such a poor review. All I wanted was a different one sent to me but no one will contact me

  • Bharani - Very good book to know about the details of windows server 2012

    This is one of the best books currently available for windows enthusiasts to learn about the latest and greatest in windows server 2012. I am eagerly waiting for the MS Press books on windows server 2012 before putting aside this book.

  • Alex Linde - Official Honda Crossbars

    These are the real Honda bars and come in manufacturer packaging. They seem a little wobbly when fitted as they are quite wide and only have one bolt on each end but we drove a few hundred miles last weekend with kayaks on the roof and they worked very well :)

  • rbreedy - Please make a movie!!!

    What a great and refreshing reading! This book moved everything inside me. What a family of faith, what a powerful message that trusting in God is not easy, because that means that even though you are in the middle of the worst storm ever (call it whatever you want) is knowing God is there creating the best you can't imagine possible in your life! Please make a movie about this book, count on me to participate 😁 God bless!!

  • Nancy Everman - Great coffee+

    My first experience with this coffee was a taste at a home show here in town. Even tho it was expensive i bought some. I noticed some beneficial reactions. I wanted to find a way to lower my expense and Amazon had the answer for me with this provider. This is the best way to drink coffee because no mess, great tasting, and best price around for this beneficial coffee. I had a problem with a shipment and they immediately corrected it, so i continue to reorder with them, and to drink this daily.

  • Lisa McDavid - Smells but is helping me eat less

    I purchased this product in hopes that it would help me with my weight loss journey. When I opened the bottle, I smelled the product - it was pretty stinky - to me it smells like fish. I did not want to take them because my throat closes up when I am taking something that I can not stand the smell of. I decided that if I took the pills I was going to take out and lay them on the counter for a few minutes, it would help dissipate the smell. It worked for me (and that I did not try to smell it anymore). I have been taking them for the last few weeks. I feel that I have more energy and it seems that I am eating less because I am feeling full after eating about half my plate. This is great. I have lost about 2 pounds using this product so far - I am sure I could lose more if I really started to eat the right foods and not snack at night. I received this product at a free or reduced price for an honest opinion on the product.