Cold Fx - COLD-FX helps to reduce the frequency, duration, & severity of cold & flu symptoms by boosting the immune system. Learn more inside!

  • COLD-FX® Daily Defense | Cold FX - Take COLD-FX® to help reduce the chances of catching cold and flu symptoms by boosting your immune system. Don’t forget to also take it when traveling.
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  • Amy F - Great for iron and energy

    I love these things. They were at first a bit hard to swallow but they stick to your mouth but have zero flavor so do not gag me. We are trying to convince, - I believe I am pregnant but it's not reading as positive on a home test but it's early and our tests aren't the best- and I have extremely low iron levels lately so these are helping immensely! I can tell within a few hours I have more energy and I'm not super tired. I found its better to take these in the mornings because they do have a b12 (creates energy!) supplement in them. They help me get through the day! You do take two per day according to the bottle so this is a good 45 day supply.

  • G.O. Weaver - Great

    This is absolutely a marvelous book with great synopses of alternative art spaces in New York. Worth buying. Highly recommended.

  • NickyD - Silky smooth legs

    I love this stuff! I use it after I shave my legs and underarms for exfoliation and moisturizing. My legs look better than they ever have - I'm very prone to ingrown hairs but my legs are noticeably smoother and softer. I also use this to exfoliate the back of my neck where my short hair cut requires some shaving/trimming to prevent/treat ingrown hairs there as well. I love it for the backs of my arms, which get bumpy.

  • D. R. M. - Miss the old vers

    Like any new version of very familiar software, this newer Word/Mac requires getting used to. Some things are not the way I would like them. But so far I'm getting it to do what needs doing. Not blown away, but not annoyed. P.S. Six or seven months after purchase, this vers of Word is still functioning. But I've gotta say, it keeps throwing up little bugs with regularity. For example, recently the search function just stopped working. Had to close the doc and reopen. Other weird little bugs, too. Nothing deal killing, but annoying. The prior vers I had was rock solid and did what I needed, but would not work with the new OS on my Mac. That this vers is still funky after being out for 5 years is inexcusable.

  • Kathleen A. Moore - Do not buy this product. The refund process is a nightmare.

    If you have even the slightest doubt that you might need to return this product DO NOT buy it on Amazon. Less than 24 hours after purchasing the on-line product I decided to return it. I had not even downloaded/used the code yet. Amazon washed their hands of the refund because it is an Intuit (Quickbooks) product. They send you to the joke that is the customer service at Intuit to deal with your refund. Intuit will not refund your credit card because Amazon is the one that charged it. They immediately canceled the activation code for the software that I purchased so I have no software but they have my money. I am three months out now with battling them countless phone calls with clueless employees. The "check was in the mail" and it never arrived. After waiting their 4-6 weeks for the check and it not arriving it took me three weeks of badgering them every other day, having promises that they are going to "call me back in 24-48 hours" that they are "elevating this to a supervisor" to find out they never processed the refund in the first place! I am totally disgusted. I am disputing this with my credit card company now. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration and do not buy your product here if you have even the slightest possibility you might want to return it. It is a joke that Amazon can sell these products but then takes no responsibility for the charges.