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  • G man - Most important is when searching the net, to have option of screening untrusted sites

    The disc does the most important job, where it enables you to click on your search page and enable only trusted verified sites which is the ONLY defense you have when searching a website for the first time. So this is major in prevention of obtaining spam, virus or threats.

  • J. Roddy - episode 1 is brilliant but heart-wrenching

    The simple truth is that season 7, episode 1 is brilliant but heart-wrenching, well-acted and thought-out, and plays smoothly from start to finish. Those who are complaining, I'm guessing Glenn and/or Abe was your favorite(s). Hang in there. Watch Rick and the gang get revenge for what Negan has done.

  • mizzrizz - If you have PCOS....

    you really should check this book out. There isn't a lot of direct reference to PCOS in this book, but if you do your research you'll find that Insulin Resistance is named as a probably culprit of PCOS. There are many Low Carb programs out there and I've tried them all only to revert back to my old eating habits and regain weight that was so hard to lose. The Link and Balance approach outlined in this book is one that really could be done forever--it's easy to do and satisfies the needs to eat some carbs. Makes a lot of sense to limit the amount of carbs eaten within a 2-hour window and always balance them with adequate protein. I've even been able to find fast food meal solutions and eat socially without feeling left out or deprived.

  • James Owen - It really works

    I used to get ingrown hairs after I shaved and although I still get a few, this product has exponentially decreased them. It is a little more money than other products but it actually does work! I use it every time I get out of the shower, even when I do not shave. Give it a shot, I truely am a happy customer and am about to reorder another bottle.

  • Big MIke - pretty good fit, but not exact

    I recently purchased these for my F-150. Overall I am very happy, however the fit is not exact, so it gets 4 stars. The black shows alot of dirt, but the color was my choice. Quality material, and I like how they cover the door panels on the floor. When I am hunting, or camping, it comes in handy, and easy to clean.

  • Jessie - Great solar lights!

    These lights are nice looking and easy to set up! Most importantly, they are solar powered! Make sure the area you set them up in gets exposed to plenty of sun during the day or else they won't work. You get 6 total which was enough to line my short walkway up to my front door. They provide more than enough light to see as you are walking up to the front door.. I don't even need to use my porch light anymore.