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  • Theresa149 - Stay with PC version!

    Because I am at work I can't get into all the details, as I am trying to figure out why my memorized transactions aren't automatically entering. I worked with the PC version for years and it was very user friendly. I was excited to switch to a Mac and have had no problems adjusting to Mac software for other products, such as Microsoft Office.

  • Happy Times - Insights into the justice department, state department, FBI and the Executive office that were previously not revealed!

    Incredible insider info about the manipulation and conflicts wIthin the US government. A must read prior to casting your ballot in November.

  • T. Clyne - Q2011 - Worst Quicken Ever!

    I'll keep it short. My experience matches those of other reviewers. Why is yet another file format used!? Why is it OK to load retail software with ads? Why does it fail to retrieve bank account/transaction info? Why are reports so ugly and awkward now? How come the budget function is broken so badly? Sheesh! What an insult this software is to those of us who used to have confidence in the Intuit brand!

  • Amazon Customer - loved it at one time

    I am not really sure why the publisher decided to limit the number of device types available for this subscription. I have an Android tablet (Xoom) and was a paying customer for this magazine but one day it stopped downloading with the error message saying that the magazine was no longer compatible with my device type. This is so frustrating! Why limit the device types to the kindle fire and the ipad ? Is this another one of those backroom deals between Apple and Amazon and the books/publishers to control what people can get and on what device they want you to buy. I know the formatting was fine for the Android platform, I was paying for it and enjoyed it while it lasted. It is a shame. A shame to have people that are willing to pay for a product and be denied access to it do to publishers opting out of providing the service do to device type biases. I might as well just pirate the issues and save the money, which is just as easy as paying for it. Shame on you publishers!

  • dene - she said these aren't bad at all and hasn't had any trouble taking

    Bought these for my grandaughter, they were having trouble finding teen vitamins. My 13 year old grandaughter opened the package and I warned her that other reviews had described the tablet as huge, she said these aren't bad at all and hasn't had any trouble taking.

  • OSmitty - Seriously, the best product have I ever used on my face.

    I was roped into buying this at the mall after the saleswoman demonstrated it on a small patch on one of my cheeks. I spent my last 35 bucks on it (the "student discount") and it was worth it. I'm thrilled to find it on Amazon for a fraction of the price. I do not like the overly pushy Deja Vu sales people at the malls, but this is one product of theirs that works great (and the dead sea scrub too).