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  • J. Madsen - Not the bullet proof mother board my ASUS Rampage III was

    I have very mixed feelings about this mother board. When it is running it is AWESOME but when it does not boot with full USB recognition of plugged in USB devices it is HOARRABLE. I made my purchase in 3 February 2015. My issue is that about 75% of fresh boots, after powering down for the day, one or more USB devices - the keyboard or mouse or one of my hard drives ore combination of these is not recognized. It is quite random as to which USB device is not recognized, although lately it is usually the keyboard. I have other desktop and laptop computers and have verified that all my USB devices are working as they should and i have also changed USB cables to make sure there is not USB 3.0 cable problems. The only solution is to re-boot, re-boot, re-boot and finally the keyboard or other device is recognized. I cant tell you what a pain this is - I have spent many hours with ASUS tech support on this issue with no effective results. Their only solution is to install the latest BIOS which I have done. My originally purchased mother board had these issues with ASUS tech support finally saying it must be something with the seating of the CPU and asked that I remove the CPU to inspect it - during the process of removing the CPU and inspecting the pins on the mother board I made the mistake of touching the pins with my finger and found that the pins actually have a bend at the top to allow better contact with the intel chip. To my surprise the pins are sharp and stuck to the skin of my finger and when I tried to remove my finger a few of the pins were bent. WARNINING - DO NOT TOUCH THE CPU PINS ON THIS MOTHER BOARD - VERY HIGH LIKLEYHOOD OF PIN DAMAGE. Would have been nice if the ASUS tech would have warned me about this when he asked me to remove the CPU to inspect the pins - Thanks ASUS. I told the ASUS tech what happened and they said "OK, will do an RMA, send in the board and we will evaluate it and replace if necessary." I sent in the board and got an email back that there would be a $180.00 charge to fix the mother board ... REALLY! Thanks ASUS. I paid the $180.00 (now the cost of the board is $469.99 + $180.00 = $649.99). WOW. So I waited with great anticipation for the new board thinking everything would be great because my old ASUS Rampage III extreme was the most rock solid mother board I have ever seen and figured the first Rampage V was just a very EXPENSIVE lemon. Got the board, reinstalled everything, fired it up and continued USB recognition problems...NOOOOOOOOO. Called ASUS tech support and went through the same helps but no more inspecting the CPU pins...closely looked with magnifying glass - NO touching before assembly of the components. Upgraded the BIOS to latest 1401 at the time (I will not update to the 1502 as there are many problems with that one and am waiting to hear about the latest 1601 BIOS to see if there would be benefits from this one).

  • D. Love - I love the newly dedicated buttons for everything

    As for the device, it's a 5 star product. The charger is negative 1 star. I love the newly dedicated buttons for everything. No more hold these two buttons down for mute, maybe it will work then hold down power or the call button to do other things... This latest is great because you have dedicated mute, call, volume, and power switches or buttons. I am a fan. However, as hundreds others have said, the charging mechanism is crap. Why on Earth Plantronics thought it was a good idea to have a proprietary charger is beyond me. Plantronics used to have all chargers like this instead of USB. WIth the Voyager Pro line they finally went to USB... You're going backwards Plantronics! I can't give the earpiece itself less than 4 stars tho because it's amazing. Great call quality and fits well with glasses.

  • Suze - Not worth the money

    I had heard about WEN products at work, but that is expensive so I decided to try this which was supposed to be just as good as WEN, according to reviews. I did exactly what the instructions said, every other day as I wash my hair every 2 days. I noticed no difference at all at 1st, and then my hair just started feeling dirty. By the end of 2 weeks, I was more then 1/2 way through my bottle and my hair felt weighted down, dirty, and almost greasy, yet wasnt shiny at all!! I dont think this product "cleans" at all. I think you still need to use a shampoo. I now use my regular shampoo and use this as a conditioner. I will do that until its gone, but I dont plan on buying again. I also saw where someone recommended the Joico K-Pak so I got that also. I got much better results with that, although it also is pricey. At least in my opinion.

  • Frances - Excellent gift for my daughter!

    My daughter loves it! Thank you very much! Looks clear when you play it. Great as a gift. Have fun playing!

  • 865tnboii - Best Car Wash On The Market!

    This stuff will make your car so clean and shine like you won't believe! Rinse the car then wash with this then rinse again and then dry and your car will be cleaner than ever before! My car is black and it's shiny like a mirror now

  • Chuck Williams - Great resource

    Although I haven't taken my trip to Italy yet (scheduled for early September 2013), I am using Steve's book as my primary "study guide". This book (along with his other books) are filled with great information that makes trip planning much easier. Thanks Rick!