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  • tommylinsley - Great, handy reference work

    Great, handy reference work. Highly recommended by many esperantists. I do wish I had an electronic version so I could have it with me on my phone.

  • A. Bhat - This is not a root. Not as effective.

    I purchased this product thinking it was a root. The Amazon description was not very clear. After I received the product I realized it was not made from the root. The roots are potent and work quite well.

  • Greggles68 - Only reason for 4 stars... The base ...

    Only reason for 4 stars... The base does not allow for any kind of stability if you have much board overhanging on either side of the jig. I had to build a custom platform for the jig to rest in that had maybe a foot on either side of the jig to give overhanging boards something to brace on. The only positive to this is that I made them storage spaces as well to house all of the screws, plugs, bits, etc. that come with the jig.

  • Esmeralda Viruet - I will recommend and I will buy again

    I noticed a difference with this product. I also use it on my husband and the loves it because the line he had on his forehead and nose has disappear. I will recommend and I will buy again.

  • Armand M. Mariano - Great system for the value

    System worked great for 9 months. During hot summer season, the touch screen stopped working properly and need to be reset on a regular basis .I was told by Fahrenheit technician that the electronics were faulty and not under warrantee due to purchase through a third party (ebay). Great system for the money when it worked properly. Still using the system with blue tooth music and general mapping but gps street set up is difficult due to faulty touch screen.. I recommend purchasing system through a legitimate company to get the 1 year warrantee.

  • CrzyBeautiful.davisa - Fuller Brows, I Definitely Got!

    This stuff is amazing!z!! I have been using it for well over a month now and wow what a difference. I had super thin eye brows before and i was tired of the fake look. I desperately wanted fuller eye brows and wasnt really expecting this product to give me any major results. I had tried a few other similar products but didnt see much difference after using a decent amount of time. I didnt start noticing a difference with this product until around the 4th week of using consistently every day twice a day. It was crazy because all of a sudden one day i was like wow I have eyebrows! What makes this stuff the best is its not just a serum its actually like a gel for eyebrows. You can use as part of your makeup routine because it actually holds your eyebrows in place. Im totally hooked on this and would recommend to anyone whose wanting fuller eyebrows or even eyelashes. Even though it doesnt specify eye lashes I decided to apply it to them too every time I applied to my eyebrows. Excellent product!