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  • Amazon Customer - Upcoming season 3 "Flash"

    If you're a Flash fan you should see this informative get-together of Flash stars giving teasers about the up coming season 3.

  • Jessica - Would suggest this vitamin to any parent that is wanting a good vitamin for their

    Our teens have been taking this vitamin and we can tell a difference in their complexion when they stop for a while. Would suggest this vitamin to any parent that is wanting a good vitamin for their teen

  • Jan P. - cheap romance novella set in space

    In a nutshell, this is a cheap romance novel in a very basic (i.e. unimaginative) sci fi setting. If you enjoy the typical sci fi genre, then the amount of time spent on emotional feelings between two of the main characters will drive you nuts and have you flipping pages to get to where the story moves forward. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy a solid romance developing, but not only is there far too much of it, but the emotions expressed seem childish/teenage-ish. Finally, the descriptions of the space ship they explore is below rudimentary. Most of the "action" is against slugs that excrete some kind of toxin, or from the pesky pests that have evolve from the slugs. Oh, and some nasty nanites.That's pretty much it. I would imagine if you like the Harlequin type romance stories, this could work for you. Otherwise...pass.

  • Matt @ LookIntoHawaiiDotCom - Junk. Pieces falling off of it. Not put together properly. It's going back after 15 minutes!

    Wow, what a piece of junk. Avoid this at all costs! I'm clearly one of the few who paid money for this rather than getting it in exchange for a review. While what some reviewers wrote is accurate, mine arrive with 1 tiny screw falling out of the box. This was 1 of 2 screws to mount the laser. The other screw was stuck deep inside the machine and took forever to get it out.

  • LovePortofino - Hands down the best tool in your diaper caddy.

    This is one of those experienced mom recommendations. I always knew it worked well - at the first sign of redness, one application cleared up any irritation. Recently, a close friend's newborn had one of the worst diaper rashes I've ever seen. It looked like a horrible strawberry (you know those things you get when you skin your new across carpet). Pediatrician provided a prescription for creme. She used that for a couple of days, and it wasn't clearing up that quickly. Within 24 hours of using this, the rash was gone and just a bit of redness was left! It was amazing. I'd post a picture but I'm afraid it'd be classified as inappropriate. :)