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  • ktuekert - KinderBike is GREAT

    This bike delivers everything it says it would. The construction is sturdy and solid. The bike requires very little assembly. All you add is your child and time for training.

  • Jeffrey T - Essential tool for a variety of fixes.

    I've had many of these little bottles of Gorilla Glue, if I could remember where I put them, I would not need to buy them so often, but they work like a charm. We had a chair that needed a repair, because the wooden frame underneath was cracking, and the arm rest was pushed out of the normal position. I tried to screw it together, but the frame of the chair did not have enough wood material, and I was lacking the 'chair repair' skills that were likely needed for such a job. Enter Gorilla Glue.

  • Scott Krisiak - These shoes make a 5 year old run faster and jump higher!!

    My daughter absolutely loves these! It's adorable, she is 5 and she truly believes these shoes make her run faster and jump higher, a little pricey but probably worth it since she now has gym class and recess for Kindergarten.

  • Lexico - Three Stars

    I don't understend if Elle sales advertasing or entertaiment... if sales advertasing ítem means it will be free...

  • BrookesMommy - I've tried other Detox Tea's that tasted horrible and I noticed no difference

    I've tried other Detox Tea's that tasted horrible and I noticed no difference. This one tastes yummy and seems to be doing what it claims. Haven't been on a full 14 days yet, but have ordered a second bag!

  • Ella P. - LGR may be good but not for everybody

    Please do not buy a big supply of the product right away and definitely do some research before purchasing it. LGR may be good but not for everybody. Unfortunately, I did not find any information about its side effects when I was purchasing it (from Dr. Axe's website). I am not sure if I benefit from taking the product in any way. However, I started experiencing a number of unpleasant symptoms, when I started taking it, and the symptoms have worsened over a course of two weeks (This is how long I have been taking it so far). I have had stomach aches, I have felt nauseous, I have a diarrhea, and I have felt more and more stuck/ unable to take action while approaching problems (never happened before). It may be L- Glutamine, one of the main ingredients, that causes the unpleasant side effects, or the combination of ingredients. I cannot find any information about it on Dr. Axe's website or on his Facebook page, which makes me feel a little suspicious. I would definitely appreciate more transparency on all possible effects of the product, including the negative ones.