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  • Scotlandmom - works okay..

    I used it on my sliver/green Prius for small marks by the handles. it did smooth them off, but it faded after a while and I could see them again. I used it on my black mercedes. I used it on the hood for the swirl marks, works really well on black but the tube is too small to finish the job. also Step 1 cant be used on most cars after 2005 which I have a 2010, and 2009. so its useless.

  • Carey Holzman - Diamond in the rough

    There are many typographical errors and poor sentence and grammar structure throughout this book. A copy editor would add so much value and professionalism to what is otherwise an excellent book. I've read too many academic books on this topic, but this author approached it like a knowledgeable friend giving another real-world advice.

  • B. Masters - Anti-Mold Spray by Siamons International

    This is a fantastic product for treating your brick walls and siding to prevent mold accumulation. Once I cleaned the mold off my sunroom interior, I used this spray liberally as a sealant to prevent any new mold from occurring. Thus far, it has worked exactly as promised and I have not seen or smelled any mold growth. The only downside is a little industrial smell which goes away after a few days if you just open the windows. Using this product gives me peace of mind that the mold will not return. However, to be safe, I also paired this product with a dehumidifier to work in tandem to stop mold growth. Highly recommend this product - you don't need a use a lot of it to get great anti-mold protection. Would buy again.

  • JackOfMostTrades - 1/3 very good; 1/3 OK; 1/3 not so good

    That writers still compose short stories is a wonder in itself. This year's anthologist admits a 'best' book of this type is primarily meant to celebrate and promulgate the particular form. With this in mind, I don't think the selections did a great deal of service to this end.

  • Cindy - Ive loved this for a long time

    I've been using this conditioner for a year. Shea butter during the fall and winter, Argan oil during the spring and summer. Works great for my hair and leaves my curls super defined and soft.

  • Fleurette Pierre - Shine, healthy and NO BUILD UP!

    No build up. Perfect for daily use, blow out and curler or straightener protection. Last a long time. My hair is bra length,but not very thick. I use about a third of teaspoon and blow dry on high. I even do this for a touch up when dry. I don't use anything else on my hair except shampoo and deep conditioner or condition COWASH without shampoo. I get color about every 10 weeks for a little gray. For daily use, SILK can't be beat in my book. I've been using for about five years. I always make sure to rub into my ends which according to my beautician need snipping and I know are split. But beauticians can get scissors happy to me. They say that the split ends will eventually split all the way up; but that's not my experience; so I'll wait til next visit. I get compliments on the shine and healthy look of my hair which I attribute partly to silk since that's mostly what I use between washes.