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  • Steveo - just a simple rubber cable that was a little flimsy and will not roll up as nicely as most of my other cables

    This Quick Charge 3.0 USB Type-C Wall charger with included cable arrived very quickly from the seller in professional packaging. This is exactly what I have come to expect when purchasing from iVoler.

  • Ryan Henry - Wardruna's Magnum Opus (Even With Gaahl Conspicuously Absent)

    The third and final album of the Runaljod trilogy is possibly the strongest and most captivating release Wardruna has crafted. Fittingly, it picks up where Yggdrasil left off, and is very similar to that outing in tone, structure, and songwriting. But, to be honest, Einar Selvik has really upped the ante with Ragnarok -- it is an album where every song is an unpredictable surprise. Wardruna has delivered a balance of eerie minimalism, rhythmic tribal pulsations, and epic bombast in nearly every song. The transitions are natural, the production crisp and yet somehow naturally atavistic, and the melodies are instantly memorable in every way imaginable.

  • DianaF - Good Quality & Good for Travel

    I constantly use coconut oil as lotion, I took this on vacation with me, it was the perfect for travel. I still checked my bag, however, I loved the quality of the product. Would definitely order it again, the packaging just leaked a little after it was open so be sure to put it in a plastic bag for reinforcement!

  • Vintageiscool - Love the mop but a little strange smell ~

    I love this mop. I hate to wring out mops. So this mop makes that easy as pie. It does it for you with just a twist. Well, I went to buy a refill for it and mopped with the new refill, rinsed the mop out to hang up to dry. The next time I go to use it, I notice a strange smell. Smells like cat urine to me. I tried soaking overnight in vinegar water, but it still smells. Rinsed it out and soaked in Spic and Span, cleaner. Placed outside for air and sun to hopefully air it out. Still smells.

  • Tirdad Derakhshani - A creepy girl and her Planchette

    Who knew a board game with such an affirmative name could lead to so much pain, anguish, death, and damnation?