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  • Corporate Angel - Life isn't user friendly... Enjoy

    What's not to like? The special effects are stellar, the movie uses science (truth yet twisted for its and your benefit) and it entertains throughout! Ever since the Matrix we find that life isn't "User Friendly" we are but a virus of this planet but what do we know ...because what's 80 years out of (billions?)?

  • DANNY KLINE - This is one of the best mask I have ever used

    This is one of the best mask I have ever used. I got some oily skin. A reason for skepticism that it hydrates the way it claims. But I am telling you, my skin has never looked and felt better that this mask. Not even after using those expensive facial kits from upscale stores. I left the mask on for not more than 20 minutes before falling asleep. Next morning I looked like I was on vacation forever. You can have an ‘orgy’ with this mask. I don’t doubt anything if someone comes up with better comment than what I just said. Incredible.

  • Amazon Customer - Great, but Norton doesn't like it!

    Works as described, easy to install and activate and I think it's doing a great job of removing adware and system-slowing junk. Just tried to update Norton and was asked to UNINSTALL Webroot ! Don't think I will because Webroot solved a bunch of problems Norton seemed unable to control.

  • S. M. A. - It looks a lot better in advertisements

    Maybe Cozmo 2.0 will be a better, more autonomous robot. This version is... "cute" and it is only acting his personality when you have the app running on your phone because the little guy does not have a brain of his own. The brain is the app on your phone. Turn off the app, and the robot goes silent. It is also a bit frustrating that the "tricks" the robot can perform must be "earned" with points you accumulate as you play games with the robot. So, when you see the advertisements and you see Cozmo rotating cubes... don't think you are going to get that right out of the box. You must "earn" points to "unlock" the trick in which he rotates cubes on the floor. Also, the robot's camera does not perform well in low light conditions and by low light I mean a relatively well lit room with enough light to read but not bright. Cozmo needs bright rooms to see, otherwise the app on your phone will constantly say "Cozmo is having trouble seeing". A good effort, but I am not sure why peg the frustration of earning the tricks while advertising it as doing the tricks.

  • bluewater - underpowered

    This company's web site claims their unit can boil water in 90 sec. - I wonder how little water they mean ? Using absolute top-of-the-line induction cookware, and then a cast iron skillet, I could never get a reasonable amount of water to boil - never. Their web site says the unit runs at 1,700 watts on max/sear. Contrast that with 3,700 watts from a G.E. induction cooktop. This little portable is not a full-utility cooktop. It is oversold to the point of being dishonest, and is a waste of money.