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  • Brian Voroselo - A staggering item of overwhelming power

    I purchased this shirt for a co-worker. I never saw her again. Once she put on this shirt she was eclipsed by a flood of brilliant light and disappeared into the gestalt. I have considered ordering this shirt for myself, but I am not sure if I am quite ready for apotheosis.

  • 740chip - junk

    I received my buy one get the second one for only the cost of shipping . The reason this company does this is to hope at least one of them will work well neither of the chargers work now stuck with two of these and neither worked out of the box. Save your money they do not work

  • TDavidRoper - Gutter relief from Leaves

    I was looking for a good leaf shield for my gutters. I live in the south of the USA so leaves and pine needles are the norm.

  • JayU - great for abs development without tradition exercises.

    If you think buying this belt is going to give you a 6 pack your wrong. A low calorie diet and lots of cardio will get you that. But once your body fat is down under 10-12%, this device works wonders. It works all the ab muscles and has 99 levels of intensity. it allows you to stimulate your abs muscles with out aggravating low back problems. I get more sore and tight from the slenderone belt than I do 30 minutes of ab exercises at the gym. The belt really isolates and intensely works the muscles.