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  • Demitrius - Highly Recommended ; Works in about two weeks

    For those of you who are concerned if this product works or not, it does. I had a corn located between my toes (called a "soft corn") and it was very painful at times. I was going to use this product first before I would decide to go to a foot doctor. I'm glad that decision was made because after about two weeks (as the packaging says) the corn was removed, and the pain is gone. Using the product is very easy, and it feels comfortable when on. Highly recommended. Also, I saved a lot of money by not going to the foot doctor.

  • FPRJR - PC Matic Sucker

    The moment I downloaded the "Free Trial" of PC Matic, my main business, payroll computer started to slow down. Every day they would send me a pop-up explaining their great offer, then the computer would slow down even more. When I contacted them regarding their "Free 1 Year Offer" pop-up that I was viewing on my screen, they told me that they didn't have a free 1 year offer. I removed all the PC Matic software that I could find, but now I need to buy a legit clean-up program to remove all the viruses PC Matic downloaded on to my computer. I'm usually more business savvy then this. Don't get sucked in. This is a total scam. Even my top of the line virus detection system can't fix the issues PC Matic downloaded to my system. To make matters worse, when I moved a zip drive from the computer having issues to my brand new lap top, it also started slowing down.