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    I have used a lot of different bleaching product over the years and this is by far the most effective and fast acting. That being said though you should be cautioned that it does work very fast. So, if you have long hair you have to move very fast to get even coverage.

  • Andrew H. - Get to know your bathroom!!!

    To quote my friend Ace Ventura, ladies and gentlemen, "lend me your rears!" Absolutely everything you may have supposed or read about these tiny little gelatinous bears is 100% true! Like so many other adventurous morons before me, I thought that these reviews were over the top. My, how wrong I was. My buddy brought these sugar free gummy bears to work one day. I should have averted my eyes, but I was drawn to their beautiful colors and soft yet springy complexion. This paired with the peer pressure was too much, and before I knew it, I had downed approximately 40 of these delicious candies.