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  • Samuel James Serrano - SimCity 5 broke my heart.

    I grew up on the original SimCity, graduated to 2000, and dabbled in 3000 and Rush Hour for 4. I played A-Train, SimFarm, SimEarth, and ones I can hardly remember the name of. I was and am THE target audience for complex simulation games and SimCity 5 was a total, unfettered let down. I won't reiterate all the flaws as the internet is absolute littered with them, but I will point out the damning ones that convinced me to one-star this versus two-star it:

  • Barbara Precourt - Truth vs. Fiction

    The Internet is alive with information on 2012. But does what you are reading come from a reliable source?

  • Jodi Armstrong - My favorite flavor

    I received this product for free after winning a giveaway, it was not in exchange for an honest/unbiased review. In fact it was not required or even suggested that we leave a review on amazon. But when I received these bars and tasted them, I really wanted to leave a review because I know many people like myself read so many reviews before deciding which product they are going to purchase. I don't LOVE chocolate and often opt for products that are chocolate free, like my protein powders for my morning smoothies, I much prefer a plain powder and vanilla to chocolate. But the FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar in Mint Chocolate crisp is really good and I really enjoy it for a meal replacement on the go or as a snack. I normally try to avoid whey protein powders in my morning smoothies, but I decided that an occasional protein bar at 220 calories, 7 grams of fat and 20g of protein was a good option to have on hand. I think for me I enjoy this protein bar more than most chocolate protein bars because of the addition of the mint. I really have no complaints, these taste great and are perfect when on the go or hiking or other adventures that would require a protein load that fits into your backpack.

  • J K Williams - I can promise you this program works as stated!!

    Mark Hyman MD and his team are doing truly revolutionary work in the US and beyond. Dr. Hyman is uniquely gifted and qualified to write this groundbreaking book. He eloquently and effectively takes complex scientific data and research, combined with his own decades of practice, and writes truth and science in a way anyone can understand. The reader can go step by step and apply this framework in their own lives.