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  • Jean Magelky - Very good book!

    This is a excellent book for learning excel. It does go into much detail and explanation, and overall it is very good.

  • ruben moreno - love this product

    I love this product! it helped me lose weight like it said and i had no issues with it! Definetly get the product from a distributor to get it for the discounted price! Its only $39 if you do the 90 day challenge.. buy them from

  • Baka_Deshi - Really nice artwork again and makes me look forward to using ...

    Really nice artwork again and makes me look forward to using it next year. Articles are still good too. Another magickal year ahead, people! Let's do it. ;)

  • Josh - Great gift for Harry Potter fans who like to cook.

    I got this for my girlfriend (who loves to cook). She loves it. We've tried a few of the recipes and they've all turned out pretty good! My only issue is that a lot of the ingredients are hard to find/expensive (i.e. phesant, lamb, etc..).

  • A. C. Morris, Jr. - Used Sony ICF-2010 Receiver

    ICF-2010 World Band Receiver was in excellent condition despite its age, It is very sensitive and works well in

  • Courtney~MustReadBooksOrDie - Can Georgie be my BFF?

    Shel: A Place in the Sun gave me a different look at what R.S. Grey can do. I've seen her characters work hard and crack me up and smolder on the page; this novel felt a little more melancholy..a little more tinged with seriousness. Don't worry--there are still many times (most, actually) where I laughed/snorted at the dialogue or the situation, but I think Georgie's desire to find her person..her love..really struck a chord. Court: It did. And once it finally occurred to me who Georgie is there is for sure a realization that she has a lot more going on in that head than she portrays to a lot of people. Deep down she loves so hard, and just wants to be loved like that in return. And to say that she picked an easy catch would mean you might not know Georgie very well!!

  • Peter A. Alt - $3.50 in All Stores I know

    If your paying over $3.99 for this stuff your paying to much, I buy this stuff with the injector at Wal-Mart for $3.50