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  • David Tiberi - Intelligent Protection for Shield Tablet!

    I'm so happy with this product...I had a friend of mine put it on for me, because I stink at doing it, and it fits perfectly on my shield tablet, and the stylus touch response is spot on...plus if I need to, I can use my fingers and not worry about surface print issues...cleans up easily as well...

  • Marissa Garriott - Don't waste your money like we did!

    The back won't stay on ,keeps falling off and it never shows the right temperature. My lo will be running a 101.00 temperature on a oral Thermometer and this one will tell me her temperature is 96.0. Probably the worst thermometer there is.

  • Tiffany Maultsby - A must have tool!!!!!

    This book opened up my eyes to the testing world of how nclex may try and trick you. It has a lot of good information and I am becoming more confident in preparing for my boards next month.

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    Awesome product, a little goes a long way. It smells great, feels silky and does your hair wonders with a heat.