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  • Michelle Johnson - A bit flimsy

    Got this for my 16 month old son. I knew he wasn't old enough to do "lift the flap" by himself yet, but I thought he'd enjoy it if we went through the book together. The flaps are flimsy and rip easily. I thought it would be more sturdy, since we have a lot of 'lift-the-flap' books that have a more solid construction to stand up to a toddler. I've put it away for now. Maybe in a year, we'll try this one again.

  • Amma Mamma - Solution to tough harness buckle

    The one thing I did not like about this stroller was how hard it was to unbuckle. When I showed it to my father-in-law he realized that the plasic that is inserted into the buckle was slightly too thick. So he took a metal file and filed both sides of it down slightly. It didn't take much and it made a world of a difference. Hope this review saves some thumbs and frustrations!

  • Buckeye In MI - Perfect as an Elbow Pad

    I use them under my elbows/forearms while working on a PC. After a slight injury to one elbow, I needed a pad of some kind while it recovered, so I bought one at a local store. It worked so well as a cushion I decided to buy 3 more so I'd have a set at home and at work. They also help with basic ergonomics as they keep your hands and forearms parallel and at the right height for a keyboard.

  • Jack - Not Bad, Not great

    Review of the Element Ti4. I'm not going to go into spec details because all of that can be found through net research. I will however give you an honest opinion of the hardware itself. First and foremost, this isn't a high end media box but for $109 I expected a bit more. This is a cheap Chinese android box that's used by many manufacturers that will brand with their own name and slightly customize the software. Does it work? Yes.. is it frustrating? Sometimes...

  • CHRISTINA CAMERON - Alexa Riley always warms your heart and well etc

    I have read all the already released titles and i loved them but I adored the new story too. The stories are entertaining, sweet and hot.