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  • Vikky - Smells bad initially, but dissipates quite fast

    I have never used oil before and my motivation to purchase it might sound odd. I was researching solutions for under boob sweat and on a blog I read that this oil worked for her. Oddly enough, it does work. Once I received it, I could not wait to try it out. I squeezed a bit on my hand and OH MY GOD the smell was horrific (think goat cheese gone bad). Since I was not going anywhere, I did apply it on my face and under my breasts. I was thankful to discover that the smell dissipates quite fast. I am not sure if it is really that effective as an anti-aging serum, time will tell, but it works wonders for sweat. So if you decide to buy, don't get discouraged by the smell, it goes away as soon as your skin absorbs the oil.

  • Onay Jones - Won't stay connected.

    I have to say I have been very satisfied with every purchase that I have made from Amazon however, this was not the case. The watch looks and feels really good. The problem is, it keeps disconnecting from my phone. I miss notifications and when texting you don't have predictive text to help you do so. It reminds me of an old school flip phone where you had to type through the numbers to get to the correct letter. I can't use my Bluetooth head phones to answer calls while connected to the watch because you can only have one device paired at a time. The price is amazing however, when I search for reviews on the phone via google you see that other vendors sale the same phone with different functionality.

  • N. Foley - Great mats

    Great item, as pictured, durable and arrived even earlier than anticipated. Seller did great job and I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Timothy D. Taylor - This Version is Halloween Cash Grab!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the movie!! Classic, classic film!!! But thinking that the shirt was cool and the $40 price tag was worth it? HELL NO!! Since you can get the SAME disc for $10, you're paying $30 plus tax for a shirt that is barely worth $18 and it's size large, not even XL. Do not waste money like I did and save the cash and buy just the Blu-ray at $10. Warner Bros, you're horrible!! Rip off!

  • KEVIN K. - The best there is, for generations.

    My first tin of Watkins ointment lasted 40 years. I just bought my second and love it just as much. Sometimes when I travel abroad, my lips get irritated by something in the air or food or water. This is the only product that soothes them. Also thicker consistency than Mentholatum brand, so it stays on my lips longer.

  • Sheski - Wonderfully done

    With such a gap between books in this series she did an excellent job of keeping the story in line. A person could flawlessly pick up the whole series from the beginning and not feel a shift or notice inconsistencies. I hope we see more from this series.

  • Amazon Customer - Ordered first one -- noticed after about 20 minutes of ...

    Ordered first one -- noticed after about 20 minutes of use it had oil leaking from the 'sealed pump'. There was also some oil on the bottom of the shipping box, even though it was shipped without engine oil. So I returned it for replacement. Replacement was leaking pump oil onto the concrete drive I was cleaning within 5 minutes of use. I cleaned up the oil, moved the washer to a different spot, and the leaking continued over the next 20 minutes of use. Returning for refund. A shame since this is a well designed, powerful unit and has had so many positive reviews.