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  • Amazon Customer - OMG! Horrable Dont waste your time.

    They took a perfectly good story line and ruined it by putting in 3rd rate actors. OMG the acting was so horrible. I normally watch 2nd rate movies, just ask my husband, but this was beyond horrible. Dont waste your time.

  • J. Kinder - Causes Win7 to run slow! Pegs the CPU at 100%

    This software came with the Toshiba Canvio 1TB USB disk drive. Easy to use but makes my computer unusable when running a backup because it pegs the CPU at 100%. When the CPU isn't at 100% but a more normal 20% load, my keystrokes and mouse clicks are about 5 seconds delayed. Have to disconnect the USB drive and reboot to get back to normal. I have Win7 Home Premium on a Dell Dual Core Pentium with 4GB RAM and 500MB RAID 0 disks.

  • Henry - Look Elsewhere

    This book is most certainly not an update from the previous edition and adds no new information regarding the different format of the 2015 AP Chemistry Exam. Some of the information in this book does not even pertain to the content that students will be tested on for the AP test and the rest of it is either too confusing or just plain wrong!

  • Richard G. - A wallet case to consider!

    I usually don’t use wallet cases unless they bring something big to the table, mainly because I find the flap annoying when I’m taking pictures or playing games. However, I decided to give them another try with this Spigen Wallet S for the Galaxy S7 edge.

  • Max Power - Blue board constantly breaks for this 170 lbs guy.

    UPDATE: I recently switched my blue board for a different color and it is holding up much better. I was told that the blue board had a bad batch in the beginning of production. I have updated my rating of the product to reflect this.