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  • max_r - caused upset stomach and very unpleasant side effects. gave ...

    caused upset stomach and very unpleasant side effects. gave it several tries far apart in time, same result. enzymes should never produce such effect. This makes me wonder what do they put in there.

  • CBlis - The ingredient/nutritional value sounds pretty good.

    Not sure I noticed any fullness from the use of this product. But it is way cheaper that Shakeology. The ingredient/nutritional value sounds pretty good .

  • Suzy Parker - Guilt-free shopping!!

    Fun shopping at super reasonable prices!! Just make sure you read the description of your item before making your purchase so you are sure of what you are buying. So far, I have been very happy with all of my purchases! Things take a little longer to arrive, but, trust me, it's worth the wait!!

  • Hose Roller - Great until you need to install on a second or third device.

    I purchased the 1 year 3 device subscription about a year ago because I knew that I would be purchasing another laptop sometime in the first quarter of this year. However, when I tried to use the key code on my new computer it stated it had expired. So I effectively purchased a product to use on 3 devices, but it would only allow me to use it on 1 device. I went back and read the description that was given when I purchased this software and I couldn't find anywhere that mentioned an expiration date on using the key code for the other two devices.

  • Neha - Works really well on acne scars

    I had a few acne scars on my face and an old burnt scar on my arm. Tried the Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream by Foxbrim and started seeing the difference in a couple weeks on the acne scars. The burn scar is really old so not sure if it will ever go away but I will keep applying and will post again for that. But for the acne scars, it is working really well and I will definitely recommend it to anyone. This product comes in an airless pump bottle and dispenses very nicely. It has its ingredient list printed on the bottle which is nice because I don't have to keep up with a box to reference, and the product list is full of organic and natural ingredients, including oils and plant extracts. Immediately this lotion gives off a strong lavender scent which I don't mind. The lotion spreads very well so you don't need much at all, just a half pump is more than enough to cover my scar