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City: -0.8849 Saragossa, Spain

  • Lindsey Poyner - Smells wonderful!

    Bought this to replace my Doterra lemon E.O. which would be more expensive to replace. The package came a day earlier than I was told it would which is great!! I opened it right away and was thrilled with the smell, the taste is also great tastes just like zest from a lemon definitely would be again.

  • Sophs - Material is too rough

    I was so excited when Clek announced this new model- it's slightly cheaper and 10lbs lighter than the Foonf. I love Tokidoki, so it was a no brainier that I would get a Clek in this print.

  • Mommy - I love, LOVE

    I love, LOVE, how this makes my hair feel and smell! And you only need to use a small amount (lesson learned)! Will definitely order more in the near future. Well worth the price.

  • Lore - Worth It

    Are they a cure all? Nope. Do they live up to all the hype on their website? Nope. BUT - do they help? Yes. ESPECIALLY with abdominal pain. A few times I thought they may not be doing anything, and so stopped taking them, but it wasn't long before the abdominal pain was back with a vengeance. I do take these and Phillips Colon Health - this was after trying many different kinds - including Enzamatic Therapy pearls, Target's "compare to Align we're even better!" brand, Nature Made acidophilus, Natrol, etc. Using Align & PCH seems to work the best for me - everybody is so different, tho. I think the price is outrageous (not just at Amazon, just in general...) but I am willing to pay it to keep some of the pain of having IBS at bay!

  • DogPersonNJ - It works!

    I actually used this on myself once. My husband and I were out painting our deck, getting bitten to death by whatever bugs were out there. We didn't have any bug spray for us, and so, in desperation, I sprayed us both with this, and not another bite. The next day, I sprayed us before painting, and not a bite.

  • S. Thornton - Love the product, but......

    The product is great but I am so very disappointed with Suki in their attempt to disguise the fact that they have reduced the toner from a 4 oz. bottle to a 3.4 oz. The new bottle is a full two inches taller and the circumference went from 6" to 5" and the glass base is 2 1/2 times thicker than the previous one. I've used Suki for years and love the product but beginning to question the integrity of the company. I realize that, but just raise the price, or even reduce the amount of product but don't try to camouflage the fact.

  • James Chiles - I rate this product AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

    I've had this for awhile now and needed it when I got it. It really helped with restless leg problems. Then my back went out last night and I had forgotten about it so I tried one of my several massagers. They feel good at the time but you are sore later.