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  • j.v. - wet and forget

    This item was recommended to me by my neighbor, I ordered it thru amazon for use on the rear side of my house, used item once and by the next day, mold and mildew were about 90% gone, i sprayed siding and wooden deck. I did not notice deck yet, but can't wait to see in four days when i get back.

  • bounty - Not the product for me!

    I have heard great things about Zija and the Smart Mix formula from both my neighbors and co-workers. I tried a 32 day supply of the Smart Mix and did not notice much of a difference. I did not experience this amazing weight loss that others raved about, nor did I have increased energy. The only positive result was that my appetite was suppressed for a few hours after drinking it. The taste was horrible for me, it took an hour to drink the entire packet and for me it wasn't worth the money and the results were minimal. I gave this three stars because I have seen it work wonders for other people and those that sell the product truly believe in the company, the nutritional history of the plant, and they have amazing results. This was just not the product for me!

  • VixenRose - not fond of the serrated edges :(

    Henckel is never a bad choice to go with...but I would NOT recommend this set b/c they are serrated edges, which is terrible at cutting raw meat. I had much better luck cutting bacon last night with my thin-edged Farberware. Honestly, if I had known then what I do now, I would NOT have bought them!! ....very disappointed in them overall :(

  • Kristin Gronemeyer - The difference was amazing! This product has a pleasant scent which made ...

    What a difference! Used on the cement floor in my father's basement after months if not more than a year of his kitty using the floor as his litter box! The urine smell was overwhelming and very embarrassing. I followed instructions and repeated heavy coverage a second time. The difference was amazing! This product has a pleasant scent which made it even better. great product, I highly recommend!

  • jennypoo - It Works does Not Work!

    Another product that is useless. I have used these several times because they were given to me by a girl who got out of the business of selling them. Like ANYTHING that you spend money on, relax with for a little while, your skin is going to feel and look rested the same as when you get a facial. It brightens your skin for a while and you think you see a difference, until the next down the drain. These things are totally too the long run, more than a professional office can give you.

  • Mark Twain - "Best" is Subjective

    There I was, tipsy and in the mood for a so-called reputable short story collection; I'd browsed the indie lit mags and found some lacking, some not, still hungry for something, well, I don't know. Established? Renowned? Curated?