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  • Bill - Great razor at a great price.

    I ordered this to replace a razor that was several years old. I really liked the razor I had which was also a Philips Norelco and very similar to this model. My shaving pattern is a blade razor three or four days a week and the electric the other days. I never expect an electric razor to shave as close as a blade. This one does not shave as close as a blade but comes very close. This razor does such a good job, I will probably start using the electric more often than the blade. I know there are electric razors out there in the upper $100 range but I can't imagine how you could get any better performance than this one. This is a great razor at a great price.

  • John - I think it's about quality and calories sucka

    So I use it for my Lifestyle Change intermittently - Pretty simple deduction unless I'm missing something here? ...being that it's nutrient rich food to start with - just lower in calories right

  • acfuturedirector - great read

    Perfect review of the tumultuous 2012 election. Dan Balz does a great job breaking everything down and shedding light on little known moments during the campaign.

  • steve carnevale - Don't even try other products

    Look, I read why this stuff works, thicker viscosity and all that crap. I'm no scientist, all I know is my power steering fluid leaked out all at once overnight, bone dry. Steering whining like baby next morning. Added 16 0z. of Lucas and whining gone, no leaks? Totally amazed. For all the bull crap products that are out there it's great to find one that does what it says it will do. I'm going to try other Lucas products as needed, if the quality of their other products is as good it's gonna save me a ton of money. Already did actually. To be honest I don't even know where it was leaking from but it did the job. So far, so good.

  • Dennis Williams - Outstanding book on past and future events that are happening in America.

    This book is a must read for all people with faith in God. See how evil is surrounding us and why. It explains how our founding fathers built our country and wrote documents that are being done away with. Ruled just a historical document ie. The Declaration of Independence. This book explains all the why's and the future agenda. Fantastic insight into what America needs to wake up and see.

  • Big Foot's Mom - Recommended to my by my hairdresser

    I have very fine hair that I both perm for volume and highlight to blend in the gray coming in. My hairdresser recommended this to help keep my hair from getting too brittle from all of the processing. (I have a shoulder length bob so breakage at the longer ends can be a problem.) I really like it because I just spread a few drops on my palms and work it through the ends that are always the most brittle while it is still wet. It doesn't feel at all oily or weigh my hair down when it dries and really seems to help cut down on hair breakage when I comb it. (I never use a brush, though). It smells very Jovan Musk Oil and seems to help my hair air dry quicker. This small bottle will probably last quite a long time even with every day use.

  • J. Morgan - Fantastic for the price

    This was one of the best reviewed and least expensive balance bikes I found. I did weeks of research before I purchased this one, and I'm thrilled with it. It has the lowest clearance (which I wanted so both my 2 and 4 year old could ride), is super easy to adjust the seat, seems very durable, and any annoying parts (the bell, reflector, etc) are very easy to take off. My husband put it together in a few minutes. The only downside is that the seat and handlebars tend to get pushed off kilter (so the wheel isn't pointing straight ahead when the handlebars are, same with the seat) - of course, my large 2 year old may just be playing too rough on it - but it doesn't take too much effort to adjust them back to center. I would recommend this to anyone with toddlers/preschoolers. It's given both my kids (one girl, one boy) the confidence to balance while coasting.