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  • John N. Mixon - Five Stars

    Extremely user friendly. Have a lot of tutorials online. Check out the skills on my channel at www.youtube.com/mixonfit

  • V. Sanders - Not what I thought

    Not what I thought. I want you all to know I did not know this grease was orange in color, I have gray hair and it picks up what ever colored thing I put in my hair. I also did not know the main ingredient was Petroleum. Active ingredients are menthol and eucalyptus, and some saw palmetto. I am disappointed. I will not be bothering to send it back because I did not do all my home work. No one in the reviews or ads I saw said anything about petroleum and this deep orange color. Now I know. Now you know. Whether it grows hair or not I will never know.

  • Maheswar - It should be in your health plan - a must read

    I got my first cellphone/wifi router 8 years ago and I have been using them till now. It had some slow debilitating effects on my health. I still do not know the effects of close proximity/chronic exposure to 2/5Ghz radiation. From personal experience, I believe it has some effects on your HPA axis and thyroid function. I am not sure if it impairs cell signaling and affect gut probiotics. I will keep searching for any scientific research articles because it puzzles me how it had such significant impact on how I think and function. I shutdown my wifi router/bluetooth devices and changed it to wired connection. Most of the time I am grounded now.

  • Barbara - Great Infuser Bottle

    This infuser bottle is great. Very easy to fill, clean and holds plenty of water to enjoy for a while. Quality product. I have ordered more because my husband likes it so much. Gives him plenty of water to get through his day at work. I definitely recommend this bottle.

  • Tiburon - Sokay

    This TOY IS GREAT! But there are some things that should be added make it more realistic. I'd like to see some diversity in one of the guards and perhaps the other guard could have some drool dripping from it's lip to reflect the extremely low IQ needed to obtain this type of position. Also, add a 80 year old woman with (remove able clothes so she may be stripped searched) and a 20 something middle eastern looking man. (no need to make his clothes remove able as we are going for realism)