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  • Kristin Nelson - IM NO MARKETING PERSON!!!

    I have been on this for 2 weeks now along with my husband and two children (13 & 11). My husband weighs 200 lbs and he takes 4 scoops a day (not the recommended dose but enough for him). I take 2 scoops (also not the recommended dose but enough for me to feel great) a day and my son takes one, my daughter takes 1/2 scoop a day and 1 canister lasted us 2 weeks. Yes it is expensive but, I refuse to take prescription's!

  • Halusis - This show was supposed to be entertainment But what becomes ...

    This show was supposed to be entertainment But what becomes now is an attempt to scar our minds in tragic toned theatrics with no imagination.

  • D.D.M. - Woohoo.. Vegas savings

    7th edition I've bought. Love the updates of casino properties every year. Gaming tips come in handy. Most of the coupons do help. Wish there were more coupons for the Northern California tribal casinos.

  • John O Caetano - Seller communication seems great. I have not contacted them

    Seller communication seems great. I have not contacted them, however they reached out to ensure all went smooth.

  • Tara Innes - Not Enough Moisture, Concerns about Paraben-Cancer link

    I have acne-prone, combination skin. I've used this product and other aveeno facial moisturizers, and while all of them have worked alright in summer when my skin tends to be moister (and I need more sun protection), in winter when I tend to run dry, my face still peels when I use this. It's a lightweight lotion that feels good and not oily when it goes on, and doesn't appear to make my acne worse, but the trade-off may be a minimal level of moisture. In short, while the experience of using it is pleasant, I'm not sure it actually helps much.

  • Kindle Customer - SENSO WINS

    Have tried many Bluetooth headphones, that inevitably fall out, or have no battery life. These Senso are AWESOME, the earbuds are super soft & you can't even tell that the ear hooks are there, battery life great & best of all I love the sound. I'm going to pick up a second pair for my son. The extras are great, it comes with a dual charge android & lightening, great case, all in all excellent.