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  • Sumali - Nice for children

    Received this item at a discounted price for an honest review. It's a calender. It's large and with the bubbles like for packaging. I didn't exactly understand the concept. I will be giving this to my 10 year old to hang in her room because I can not write on it. There is not space to write anything. It's main purpose is just to mark off the days of the year. Its cute. It would be nice in an elementary classroom.

  • V. S. Castellano - Not a Good Description

    The description of the software is wrong. Business Contact Manager is not included and Office 2016 is not compatible with BCM.

  • Edward L. Hurley - Bright red rash appeared immediately upon use

    I laughed when I read about people having a burning rash after a few days of use. I followed the instructions and used only one pump of the day cream. My face turned bright red within minutes and it stung. The redness was impressive since I have a yellow tint to my skin. It's been about an hour and I have washed my face. My face still stings but the redness is not as bad. I'm surprised there's not a warning label on the product.

  • DigitalFan - Product is not factory sealed!

    Me and my spouse are fan of Argan Oil and have been using it for several years. We usually buy it from local Walgreens or CVS pharmacy. This is the first time we bought this product online. Although the product looks and smells genuine, it was not factory sealed. It was wrapped in a polythene bag and tapped around by hand. I just don't like the idea of using a chemical product if I am not certain about the authenticity of it.

  • rainbowgurl23 - More Gore Does Not Equal A Great Show

    Well, I can't believe the day has finally come where I will stop watching this show. Someone else commented on here about being tired of the same story basically being recycled, but with more and more gore. Yes, that is exactly what this opening episode was, and I just don't think making something traumatizing means it's a good show. I personally have been more captivated by Fear the Walking Dead, which as rich characters and more interesting storylines. FTWD is an intense show, but they use gore in a way that's compelling, not just for shock factor. I'm so disappointed with this season's opener, and I'm so over this basic story line of seeing Rick and company be dragged through hell just to come out fine on the other end (this hasn't happened yet, but I know that's what's going to happen). I'm bummed out that I bought the full season pass for this show, and am hoping that I can get my money back since I don't plan on watching it anymore.

  • Rianda Anderson - I Want One and Yes I am an Adult

    I must start out and state that this watch is cool. When I was a kid they did not have cool watches like that! I was rather jealous but let me digress.