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  • zoesmom - Very nice cd

    I really like this cd, it has a great variety of music, I wish I had more of this type of cd to listen to.

  • Giulia Alva - In Love ^_^

    Totally love this Majestic Pure Frankincense! Went great with other mediums to make a perfume and an air freshener. A little goes a long way! Amazing. Should stock up before price goes up as they usually do with these sorts of products.

  • Courtney - Great for hiking and travel

    I bought this jacket because I was looking for something that was both warm and ultra lightweight for hiking. I brought it on my recent trip to climb Mt. Fuji in Japan and was very happy with its performance. It is extremely lightweight and can be stuffed inside its own pocket without wrinkling for easy transport. I used it as a second layer over a mid-weight fleece to keep the freezing Mt. Fuji wind at bay. Temperatures at the summit were slightly below freezing with extreme wind. It did a good job keeping the cold wind out. I added a lightweight rain shell over the jacket for extra protection, but quickly shed that layer after leaving the summit. I typically wear an XS or size 2 in clothing but ordered the Patagonia jacket in small rather than XS because I wanted to have the option of wearing a layer underneath for extra warmth. The fit was perfect for me with sleeves that are long enough to pull over my wrists. I'm looking forward to using it as a layer under my snowboarding jacket next winter or just as a casual jacket around town when the temperatures drop. It will also be my number one traveling jacket for any cool-weather adventures I have in the future.

  • Laurie DeGroff - Excellent Cleanser!

    Smooth and light! Very refreshing! Love love love....this product! Non- drying, it makes my skin skin so soft and clean. Your skin will thank you!

  • Cody Unroe - possible usb and sd card reader faults

    Quick, solid build, screen is beautiful. My gripes so far are that the left USB 2.0 port seems to not mount any USB. It charges my phone and my USB light up but no data or mounting. Second when i eject a SD card from the reader the screen will either freeze or black and what I reboot I believe.

  • Flowers48 - A treasure hunt with no treasure

    Diablo 3 entreats us to try our luck and seek out ultimate treasures and magical shiny things to defeat diablo.