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  • Kyliep60 - Does not work

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  • gail perritt - Product not as advertised. I would give it a 0.

    Product does not do what it's advertised to do. Customer service a Lea would not cancel auto shipment at my request she said I would have to wait for a Manager to call me . When asked to speak to someone else

  • C. Coff - Was hoping for more.

    I had a rough start to my nursing relationship and due to that I've been plagued with a lower/just enough supply. I have tried EVERYTHING to increase it and have never really seen a difference. I heard about this supplement and figured at this price point it must work well. I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought it and hoped it would work out. The first day I took it I noticed my breasts feeling warmer and hoped it was a good sign. I proceeded to use it for a week and then added in a pumping session since I normally just nurse. I saw about a .5oz increase total. Not what I was looking for or hoping for but I have kept trucking on with it. I think I'm someone who just has low supply and thats all there is to it. These pills also would get stuck easily since you are supposed to take with minimal water and then would leave a terrible taste when you would burb (tmi?) later on. I also had to set an alarm for 15min before taking the pill to make sure I didn't have any water and then also set one after to make sure I didn't have any and that was a pain.