Dr. Conklin Danao Home - Dr. Deanna Conklin-Danao - Dr. Deanna Conklin-Danao has been practicing as a clinical psychologist for over a decade and working in the mental health field for 20 years. Her career has evolved from community mental health and hospital based work to a private practice serving individuals, couples and families in the Chicago area. She now provides both therapy and divorce coach services. Throughout her career, Deanna has been committed to helping people understand their internal world, improve their relationships, and to achieve meaningful growth toward living the life they deserve.

  • http://drconklindanao.com/about/ Dr. Conklin Danao About - Dr. Deanna Conklin-Danao - Dr. Conklin-Danao is a clinical psychologist with 15 years experience in the mental health field currently providing psychotherapy in a private practice setting. My practice covers a broad range of issues including depression, anxiety and life transitions (e.g. having children, coping with divorce, grief and loss). I also work as a Collaborative Law Divorce Coach helping families retain control of decisions and tailoring solutions to fit their family's unique needs during divorce.
  • http://drconklindanao.com/discernment-counseling/ Dr. Conklin Danao Discernment Counseling - Dr. Conklin Danao - Dr. Conklin-Danao provides Discernment Counseling is designed to assist couples that are in different places to find clarity about the future of the marriage.

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  • edward bogdan - Enjoyable Tripping

    I enjoyed this book for two reasons. The 1st, entirety selfish on my part was to gain more insight into completion of my 1st book of short stories. I now feel more prepared to edit my first four stories of fictionalized personal travel in Latin America in the 1970s. The 2nd is the sheer enjoyment of reading a good story. This book gave me that opportunity time after time. It also gave the needed kick in the pants to start my 5th, and probably last short story for compilation into my "first book."

  • Joanne Teller - Group Fun

    My 13 year old granddaughter had this on her list and everyone at the party joined in except a couple of "old guys" like her dad and uncle. Good exercise and body control usage.

  • P. Russell - Access Great

    Able to do all the templates, designs and contact sheets I've needed and with ease. Easy to download and it works beautifully with my Windows 8.

  • E. Joseph Anna - Good News for this Bible

    Who can say anything bad about the Bible? It has a modern easy to understand text and lots of foot notes. Easy to move around, mark passages and bookmarks. I would highly recommend it for private reading or as part of a Bible study.

  • Cory G. - Tax Cut over Turbo Tax

    I used Turbo Tax year after year, but switched to Tax Cut a couple years back and have not looked back. The first year I switched, it only included a single federal e-file, but now I believe it includes 5 federal e-files. State still costs extra if you opt to e-file your state return. I believe that runs closer to $15 or $20.

  • Markus33 - Unbelievably strong. Just wear gloves...

    A word of advice--wear rubber gloves. I used this to re-glue my convertible top to the glass window after the factory glue failed. Folks online said this was the only product that will stick to glass. And while the "only" part may or may-not be true, it definitely sticks brilliantly to glass. Oh, and to fingers--EXTREMELY WELL. Between the 2 bottles, it's enough to last a lifetime. But trust me on the gloves thing--you WILL glue to your thumb to your forefinger.