Dr. John O'Mahony - Sharing our expertise to empower you. - Dr. Sean Peterson is a Family Medicine physician who practices Family, Emergency, and Addiction Medicine. He holds an appointment as an Investigating Coroner with the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario.

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  • stephie - Nothing added, tastes great

    These are the best. Their ingredients? Potatoes, butter and sea salt. That's it. No preservatives, no artificial anything, no coloring, nothing besides potato, butter, and salt. That's why I like these potatoes. And, I can make only the amount I want per meal and save the rest, wrapped/sealed in the fridge for another time. I make these simply by adding boiled water and stirring to the consistency desired. Paired with something like 

  • D. Mieras - Look no further for furniture care products

    I bought this along with their Feed-N-Wax. I used it to clean an old desk and an antique dining table. Using very fine steel wool, the product cleaned up a couple of old water stains on the table and freshened the old finish on the desk. Following up with the wax, the pieces of furniture look great and the finish is not at all sticky. Don't have to look any further for furniture care products. I was using Murphys' products that were less than satisfactory and wanted something better. This is it!

  • Caligirl - it doesn't matter how great of a student you are

    I had to take GRE exam for my university. I purchased 3 GRE prep books and failed the exam after practicing and studying with books. These books do not teach or prepare you for GRE exam, all they do is prepare you to approach questions that are given on GRE, however you will not know the correct strategy. Most of the GRE questions are to be guessed more than anything, it doesn't matter how great of a student you are, or how intelligent or knowledge you have. GRE looks for specific puzzle figuring like IQ test, in fact I'd call it IQ test instead of GRE. I ended up enrolling in $500 course for 4 lectures who provide you with similar book. However, course teaches you how to approach questions with correct strategy, how to solve and figure out puzzles in short cuts.

  • Rostislav H. - Not like you promised me

    It is not international version!!! There is no Russian language at all. Not like you promised me. It was a gift for my sister wedding. I'm very disappointed. I'm going to return this tablet after I'm back from Russia.

  • Aaron White - Liver Support product - 1st time buyer

    Tried the Liver Support dietary supplement to test the claims of some of the included ingredients abilities to improve liver health and reduce the tired and lethargic feeling I was having when I was waking up in the mornings. Could definitely tell a difference after a week or two, felt like I had more energy and was easier to get up and go to work. Will be trying another bottle.

  • Krazybert - Lastly and probably the most annoying is the bright blue power LED

    Provides plenty of power for all my USB devices. Has one of the highest number of ports and total amperage in the market. A couple of small complaints which keep it from getting five stars. The included stand doesn't seem to fit the device very well. I prefer to lay the unit down on its side but since it is slightly oval it does not lay flat on a table. Not a huge deal just something to note. Lastly and probably the most annoying is the bright blue power LED. When will manufacturers go back to using red LEDs.

  • Linda Gee - Great plate for a great price

    i wasn't sure if I wanted to buy these because I think my family goes through an environmentally irresponsible amount of paper plates! We are trying to get better, but in the meantime...these are great. I buy this brand in the grocery store. It was much cheaper to buy through Amazon.