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  • Norman Mier - Horrid

    Long ago I owned a Roxio product. It was very difficult to use then. Roxio was so difficult to use that I deleted the program. Here years later I needed a DVD Video program so I bought Roxio thinking that they must have improved it and Roxio was being pushed by the PC manufacture. Well it is still too difficult to use. It is terrible. Buy something else.

  • ArtistCPA - Additional charges apply

    After I purchased this payroll product and used it for several months Intuit started charging our firm a monthly fee for processing, on top of the fee we paid for software. This is a new billing practice for them (I've been using their payroll for 4 years now and there have never been any additional charges) so be aware they have changed how they charge for payroll. They force you to provide a credit card number to activate the account.

  • E. Younkers - Not my thing...

    I imagine this does "something" but as far as loosing fat I am fairly certain all this does is string you out for intense cardio and suppresses your appetite. I found it far more appealing just to adjust caloric intake, throw in some CLA and keep lifting heavy. I don't enjoy the tweaked out feeling I got, and certainly not over any extended period of time. These "fat burners" are not proven and are mostly a waste of money. You may like this sort of thing or find it effective - its just not my bag.

  • spooky - If you can afford it, absolutely worth it

    Rez Infinite and Thumper make this system spectacular from day one. I wear pretty bulky glasses and have zero issue. It is super comfortable. For the price Sony has done very well. Looking forward to Eagle Flight and Star Trek.

  • Martin Eastport - Been using this for almost 3 decades, nothing else compares...

    This is the only personal care product that I've been using for anywhere close to this long. I usually cycle into a new soap, shave-cream, shampoo, etc. every 3-5 years. Nothing replaces this product, so please just continue to keep making it just as it is right now. For the record, I'm almost 50. Other than avoiding the sun and using sun-screen, people insist I don't look my age by a decade-plus. I really believe ex-foliating my skin daily with this product is a big part of that.

  • Amazon Customer - Looks great, does not work well at all! Lost radio reception!

    Looks great on my 2016 chevy colorado. But has completely ruined my ability to listen to the radio. The sound comes in an out frequently, to the point where it is infuriating. After only 3 days of having it on, I have taken it off and put back on the original antenna. I tried taking it off and re-installing it multiple times, without any improvements. Now that my original antenna is back on, I have PERFECT radio reception. Very disappointed. $25 wasted...