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  • slim - Buggy - and be careful!

    My last copy of Family Tree maker (2010) stopped working after a few months, so I was hoping this one would prove more reliable, especially since the folks at FTM decided that those of us reporting problems with FTM must all be crazy or something. FTM folks never came up with solutions for those who complained the software stopped opening altogether, and FTM instead claimed there were no problems!

  • Robert Miller - Great buy!

    Great product. Easy to install! Directions simple and easy to follow. Looks just like a factory install.

  • Geoff Considine - Important But With Notable Limitations

    Many years ago, I read Murray's earlier controversial book, The Bell Curve. When I read Coming Apart, I was reminded of what I liked and did not like about The Bell Curve. The author is a top notch writer and weaves a great story from the enormous range of statistical studies that he draws upon. The problem that I have is that the inferences that he draws from the statistics in order to support his thesis are far too broad. The data that he pulls together are really important. They support the idea that white America has split into very different camps and he focuses on two extremes. The first of these is the Ivy League yuppie types who live in their little enclaves, totally insulated from reality. I live in one of the places that he describes and he astutely challenges his readers to examine their own positions and lifestyles and notes that probably the readers of his book are overwhelmingly in the new elite. And here we already run up on some of the limits of Murray's thesis. He asserts but in no way proves that the demographic enclaves of the white educated and professional upper middle class are made up of a homogeneous group of private-school-educated upper-middle-class elites who have never seen nor understood the world beyond theirs. The fact that most Ivy Leaguers end up in these enclaves does not mean that everyone there has the same background. There is a critical flaw in the logic. Yes, the author's caricature of well-educated well-off yuppies who are comfortably ensconced in their safe smoke-free world is entertaining and may hit a nerve or two, but the statistics are used to support the story rather than the story emerging from the statistics.

  • Kindle Customer - Great Book !!!!

    I have been reading this series almost from the beginning. And each book as made me want to read the next one. I can't wait for the next book , the next trilogy. To come out. March is a long way away....lol

  • Gusto Blue - Horrible aftertaste ruins all eating and drinking for hours!!!

    Ever heard the saying 'the cure is worse than the disease'? I think that's very accurate for this oral rinse (if in fact it does actually work, which I can't confirm as I stopped using it). I was very excited about this product after being seduced by the Therabreath website and all the great reviews, but this is an awful product, with awful side-effects.