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  • Golightly - Relief at last!

    Here we have a detailed explanation of the workings of the human digestive tract, how most of us can expect it to deteriorate with age, and what we can do as self help.

  • Julie W. - WELL......

    After reading several positive reviews, and not seeing any negative reviews posted, I decided to order this product along with Nattokinase to see what the fuss was all about and to hopefully get amazing results for some medical conditions I am currently dealing with. What happened on my first day of taking both products together (2 capsules of each product, 1x day) is truly unbelieveable, but true. After about 2hrs have passed, I noticed both of my ears slightly popped and my nasal congestion cleared up; I was able to stand on my feet at work for 7 hrs. pain free, and my pre-menstrual cramps were minimal. I did, however, notice some feelings of nausea and feeling like I just ate a big meal and being stuffed, but this was my first day and I was not going to give up. I am now on day 6 and the nausea is gone so I think it was caused by putting something new into my body and it was just its way of "going to work" and doing its thing. The cramps are even better, and the brown spots on both knees that I got after a sledding accident several years ago as a child, are gone! This is wonderful because in the past it was embarassing for me to wear shorts in the summer. So to all you skeptics out there, I HIGHLY recommend this product. Now I know what all the fuss is about.

  • Dabbo*0 - Cute Shoe

    I had custom made arch/heal support that I add to my walking shoes. These shoes do need more elasticity through the tongue area but after I put them on a few times, it became easier. The insole use a softer feel, especially through the toe area. Other that that, they are very cute and can be worn with any type of pants without looking clunky.

  • chaneyk1 - Can't say I know why - but this one seems to be the best for my hair! A+

    Basically, how this started-it was winter; my hair was like straw-used a shea butter shampoo and had a knot mess like you would not believe! I was afraid I was literally going to have to go and get it all cut off. Vowing that this would never happen again-- i tried wen--I don't know - by the end of the day my hair seemed dirty or oily but was at least knot free. Then hair one olive oil- again, knot free, nice but by end of day seeming to get oily again.

  • Beau - Great resource for Step 1

    The book is basically broken down into organ systems and each section if is well organized. The information is condensed and definitely high yield. By second semester of the M2 year this is a great way to review what would otherwise be an overwhelming amount of information.

  • Catherine - I like it very much

    This works very well. I like it very much. It's much easier than using tweezers. My caregiver likes this because she doesn't have to try to pull the hairs out of my chin. I like it because it doesn't hurt.

  • David Vazquez - Z E A L It is going to change your life to the good, Because it changed mine

    First nobody pays me to say this and I'll tell you in very short message, Z E A L It is going to change your life to the good,