DSOprojekt Druga Strona Okna klub, restauracja - Klub muzyczny, restauracja, imprezy okolicznościowe - Lokal na wesele, imprezy, urodziny, osiemnastki w Katowicach. Najlepsze wesela tylko u nas. Jeżeli chcesz by Twoje wesele było niezapomniane to zapraszamy. Organizujemy również osiemnaste urdodziny. O

Country:, Europe, PL

City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • Christopher bell - It works if u do it right!!!

    Been a long time smoker all my life and never had to do a hair test until now....I have 4in dreads so I bought two just to be safe. I followed the instructions and in between the two I put vinegar and organic lemon juice in my hair and let it sit for ten min for each...then I used the second one and let all 3 steps sit in my hair for ten min each.....passed a panel 5 + opeits

  • Linda B. Wright - I really like this product

    I really like this product. I use it with the Knot Today conditioner. I have 4C really nappy hair. No curl definition at all. I found this really great hair treatment called Maximum Hydration Method under a natural hair blog that I use this with. The KCCC and Knot Today are recommended in this system along with a baking soda/conditioner clarification co-wash, Bentonite clay wash, and these two items. I did the recommended initial seven day treatment, time consuming, but boy was it worth it! My 4C hair is now more like 4A! I have curls! To all of my 4C sistas who think you can't have curl ringlets, I'm the living proof! Please google Maximum Hydration Method and give it a try. You will not be sorry. I never thought my hair could ever have ringlets and beautiful soft curls, but wow! I think all hair textures are beautiful, including my naps and kinks, but now I have the option of having curls if I like. Be blessed everyone!

  • Kevin Ashworth - Best Chromebook ever!

    Only had this a couple of days, but it runs circles around my old Samsung Chromebook. Love the processor speed, download/website load speeds (getting 220Mbps in the office about 50ft from our router, 4x what I did with the Samsung from the same location and almost 50Mbps better than my new Nexus 5X), the light weight, the keyboard feel and the display is as good as a $1500 Sony Vaio I bought last year before they stopped making them, all for a 5th of the price. Overall very pleased and understand now why it was back-ordered last week on release...Best Chromebook ever!

  • lunarchi - Love Sleepytime!

    I'm a repeat customer and have been using Sleepytime tea for years. It's a gentle, bedtime tea that relaxes at the end of the day. I drink it while reading before falling asleep at night. I even have a Sleepytime cup that I purchased years ago, with the same picture that's on the box. Very nice evening ritual!

  • Kathi Linz - End Times Information

    Christians are, in the main, lacking in information about how the world is speeding towards the events foretold for the End Times. This book is a bit rough to read as it talks about "fearful" things. But it would be wise for Christians to become informed so they will not be deceived or taken unawares.

  • Juan Zacarias - Excellent!!! 100 stars if I could!!!

    I just had to write a review, this taste is my favourite lemon and pepper ever!!! I use it on almost every meal I can put it on, I always make lemon & Pepper chicken for myself and I'm just in love with it, I know they say too much of one thing is bad but let me tell ya this is never neverrrr too much it's really really good, I have placed it above all other lemon peppers I've tasted on the market so far and it has not disappointed me <3 100 stars !!!

  • nunesie26 - so I am pretty annoyed about that

    I just received this and the car was already broken off and detached from the base, so I am pretty annoyed about that. Something tells my I received a return item as the whole product seems a little dinged up. That being said, the set up was very easy and user friendly. My two year old caught on to the concept immediately as well. So the quality is poor (we will see how long it lasts) but it functions well for now. For $40 bucks, I would not order again, but to avoid the hassle of returning it and for the hope that I will be able to sleep past 4am tomorrow, I will keep it and just re-glue the car back on.