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  • Fred S. Judkins II - Earbud Great -- Earclip Not so much

    The earbud itself works very well, but the clips that hold it to your ear are quite fragile, lasting only about a week. I went though the entire set and contacted the company. They promised to send more, BUT that never happened. I found some clips that fit around the base and stay in place with a lite hot glue and lasts> 2 months. (They are designed for another product) . I also found that if you pull your shirt over your head you may pull the earbud out. Lastly if you are carrying your earbud put it the carry case. It is too easy to lose otherwise (I lost one). The stereo earbud extension makes great listening, even though I seldom use it. If it were not for the earclip which IMHO rates a zero start, I would be giving a 5 start rating. The call quality is the best I have had.

  • Jill Mullins - Works good

    We use to have Mcafee and I hated it. Kaspersky was recommended by a coworker and I gave it a try. The price was great and it is easy to use.

  • Gailey Tugadi - Works as a jumpstart to weightloss

    Works well. Did not loose 10lbs but did loose 5 with exercise as well. Used this as a kick start to a weightloss regime. Make sure to drink lots of water. This also kept my sugar cravings to a minimum as it is already sweet. Reminds me of thicker orange juice. Will purchase again

  • Zarf - DO NOT BUY

    I picked up a set of these to connect my Coby walkman to a pair of Altec-Lansing Voice of the Theater speakers I have in the back of the Gremlin. Britney sounded pretty good, but the equalization was a little flat for Katy Perry's single "Teenage Dream" -- hmm, minus one star.