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  • Our Physicians - East Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates where we are Advancing Digestive Health Care. Founded in 1981, Over 70 years experience in Gastroenterology and Digestive Diseases.

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    I moved from Microsoft Money after they stopped supporting it, and I do NOT recommend Quicken 2010. When you download transaction from the bank, many are duplicates, but it's extremely difficult to identify which transactions are duplicates, because you only have the choice to hide all reconciled AND all downloaded transactions. So you have to weed through a year or more worth of transactions. And filtering the list actually changes the ending balance. So if you show only cleared transactions or only the last 3 months, it shows a different balance than if you show all transactions from the beginning of time.

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    Disappointing to receive the camera and the package had been opened and many of the accessories out of their packages.

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