Easthampton Council on Aging and Enrichment Center - Home - The Easthampton Council on Aging (ECOA) is a municipal department through the City of Easthampton that offer information and direct services to senior citizens, their caregivers and other people with aging issues. The ECOA works with other senior agencies and city departments to provide social, recreational, health/fitness, outreach and educational programs for seniors in their community.

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  • Sean L - My hair seems much healthier.

    I'm 27 years old and noticed my hair is thinning so I decided to switch shampoos once and for all. After some research I decided on this product and sure enough my hair looks much healthier than it did a month ago, my hair also seems thicker than before. My mom tried it and loves it too so she ordered her own. I'm extremely satisfied with this shampoo.

  • Melanie - Not a great fit

    I have a HSI Professional hand dryer and the pik did not fit well at all. I had to rig it by taking one of my hair ties and stretching it across the teeth and pulling it back until it stretched over the vent of the dryer. It's probably a fire waiting to happen. I think I am just going to super glue it on since I do love the ability to comb and dry simulataneously.

  • Tinker - No longer the best

    I've been using NOD32 for years and my 2013 license is up for renewal. I'm having trouble pulling the trigger to renew the product.

  • Darryl W. Siegers - Wonderful music covering many styles

    Those of you familiar with John Hiatt, what can I say? Those of you not familiar with Jon may want to start with this anthology. Wonderful music covering many styles. Highly recommended!!

  • Daniel - Great idea, poor execution

    Great idea, poor execution. I've gotten cut on the three separate occasions that I've used it. It will literally tear chunks of your skin off. On the other hand, it cuts very close so if you can deal with pain and a lot of blood, then it may be your cup of tea.